21 August 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Crossovers That Need To Happen

They happen all the time on the Internet. WhoLock. SuperWhoLock. Or Doctor Who and pretty much any fandom known in the Universe. Crossovers are taking two awesome things and making an EVEN AWESOMER thing (such as Kingdom Hearts) and I have a few that I know my heart would explode if they ever happened.

The Last of Us // The Walking Dead
I am actually not much of a TWD viewer, mostly because it interferes with Game of Thrones watching and I'm not the biggest fan of zombie stories. But still, the Last of Us is definitely one of my exceptions and I think combining the two would be horrifying (in an awesome way) and I would watch it a whole lot more.

Joel and Rick could totally have a beard growing contest. Ellie could make sure Carl stops being a doo-doo head and cheer him up with lame puns and jokes. AH, THIS NEEDS TO BE HAPPEN!

Silent Hill // Resident Evil
They tend to get lumped together when it comes to horror/survival video-games but the two are pretty dang different. Silent Hill is all about the spooky atmosphere and messing with your mind while Resident Evil is more about the shock-and-blood factor. I love both for different reasons. But could you imagine Wesker trying to get through the town of Silent Hill without going absolutely crazy?

Witcher // The Elder Scrolls
I've thought about it many, many, maaaaany times while playing Witcher 3 lately. Especially because there's a big group of islands in the Witcher world called Skellige and it is essentially Skyrim condensed into Irish/Norse inspired islands with much harder enemies and terrain to maneuver. Combining the worlds of Witcher and Elder Scrolls would probably be the end of any sort of life I have because of that endless exploration.

As you can see in the picture above, the level of detail in Witcher 3 is NUTS. If you added in that detail along with the endless quests of Elder Scrolls, you can take all my money immediately.

Steven Universe // Clarence
I absolutely adore both of these shows and seeing Clarence and crew interact with Steven's gang would be amazing. Pearl would be having a panic attack trying to keep everything in order and I'm sure Sumo would try and make Garnet lose her cool. Much better than the Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa crossover, in my opinion! I think this fanart sums it up perfectly and should convince you too. ;)

Rat Queens // Game of Thrones
It would be weird and probably not work, but damn it, I want to see the Rat Queens wreck havoc throughout Westeros and Essos! Maybe even team up with Arya for a little while? Kill some baddies with Brienne? Swap drinking tales with Tyrion? C'mon, it practically writes itself!

Honorable Mentions:
Star Trek/Star Wars (It needs to happen at some point in a large way, haha)
30 Rock/Parks & Recreation
Bob's Burgers/Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

What about your favorite crossovers?

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