31 July 2015

Unboxing: Power Rangers Blind Box Figurines

Power Rangers and I go waaaaay back, like OG fangirl Stephanie before I even knew what or how to fangirl. I've talked about old Power Rangers toys in the past here on Nerdjoy and then something magical happened and the stars aligned within the realm of Blind Box Collecting.

They did it, everyone. They finally made a blind box collection for the ORIGINAL Power Rangers!

To be fair, these are pricey compared to other blind boxes on the market. For example, the Funko Game of Thrones blind boxes typically range around $5.00 to $12.50 depending on where you find them while the Power Rangers ones are a whopping $15.00! As another reference, that's more than most full size Funko Pop! figurines. But you do get more accessories and the build on the figures is well made compared to some of the sub-par paint jobs Funko uses recently. I totally still collect Funko's, but I'm now much more picky.

I got Tommy in his Green Ranger attire and he comes with his flute, sword, removable helmet, and even a detachable ponytail which had me cracking up because I found a detachable pony tail to be an interesting accessory to add. The legs and arms can be posed, too.

At $15, this is a good deal for those who really enjoy Power Rangers and want some interesting throwback flair to add to their collection of toys and other goodies. They also have Rita Repulsa and Goldar as collectible villains!

I will say my only complaint is that it's a tiny bit difficult having Tommy stand on his own because of how the legs are and the figure is so top heavy. But it would be easy enough to find a mini stand for your figures or lean it against something.

The packaging is even nice, too. Most blind boxes are the typical glossy boxes and then a black baggie inside. The boxes for the Power Rangers are matte finished boxes that are brightly colored. I tend to shake the boxes in order to see the weight and possible size but these guys are a bit tougher because the Power Rangers are all the same size and are packed in with their accessories.

Just chilling with Ash, Misty, and Pikachu on a living room shelf! This was a pretty awesome Blind Box find and hopefully you can find them out in the wild too!

What do you think, are you going to get some of your own Power Rangers?

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