04 June 2015

5 Tips To Wake Up Stress Free

Previously I did a post about de-stressing at the end of the day and now I would like to talk about the beginning of the day and how anxiety and depression can affect even the morning.

Waking up and immediately feeling dread, doom, and gloom is an absolutely horrible way to start your day. But for years this is the only way I knew how to wake up. Getting out of bed would be a chore in itself, then I would have to get cleaned up (yet another chore), and actually start my day. It is not completely sunshine and rainbows now, but more often than not I am waking up ready for a new day and not worried about everything right at the get-go.

Again, I will preface this post: I am currently on anxiety medication and go to weekly therapy. However, my therapist and doctor recommend finding things beyond medication and therapy to help with my stress and depression that I can incorporate into my daily routine. This is what this post talks about as well as my post about de-stressing at night and I am by no means saying these are cure all solutions. Please look into getting professional help as well as utilizing personal habits.

Have A Good Breakfast (& Tea!)

For a long, long time I didn't eat breakfast and felt the repercussions. Then sometimes I would eat incredibly unhealthy foods for breakfast such as left over pizza, donuts, or super sugary cereal. Now those are reserved for "cheat days" like on a Saturday but during the week I try to eat a healthier breakfast with fresh fruit or even a "breakfast" salad where I'll have a light vinaigrette dressing and sliced boiled egg on kale and spinach.

Other recipes to try: Morning Fruit Salad, Banana Nut Cereal, Brussels Sprouts & Avocado Salad

Also, again with the tea! In the morning I will grab a cup of black tea instead of coffee since coffee and I don't mesh too well (makes me feel sick in the morning). I use a K-Cup version of black tea that is a Kroger store brand.

Make Your List Count

Sometimes even creating a to-do list for the day can cause anxiety and stress because you're essentially thinking about everything that you need to get done and how little time you have. Stop that, right now. When you make your list, don't aim to fill it up with absolutely everything. Only the major things that come up to mind, write 'em down. Or better yet, use HabitRPG! I use this every morning to check up on daily habits and create a to do list in a fun, fantasy RPG setting. Your to-do list should make you feel comfortable in what you can accomplish, not be a contest in how much you try to cram into a day and feel overwhelmed.

Focusing On The Good

Are you guilty of this? Immediately as you wake up, your thoughts revert to the negativity of the day and just how much you need to get done compared to how little time you have throughout the day. You stress out about bills, homework, work deadlines, home responsibilities and don't give yourself time to just wake up, breathe, and greet the day. Well, breaking that habit is a big step toward waking up stress free. It can be difficult at first but rewiring your thinking from "There is too much to do," to "I got this. Today is new and fresh," can be an important step toward a good morning.

10-15 Minute Stretch/Yoga

I mentioned doing night time yoga in my previous anti-anxiety post, but it is also good to stretch in the morning to energize your muscles and body. "Wake-up" yoga is meant to open your body, plus the moves can be done in about ten to fifteen minutes if needed. I use the free version of the FitStar Yoga app but also love the videos Blogilates does. My morning yoga is usually a very quick vinyasa session with some meditation.

Cuddling With Kitties

But seriously! Animal therapy is a real thing and can help with stress, why do you think they have therapy dogs and cats at hospitals? It has actually become a routine in my household and pretty much right at 9:00 am on the dot my cats will come looking to cuddle and be pet. I'm usually still at home working remotely before going into the office at this time and will take a moment to cuddle with the kitties. Don't have pets to cuddle? Stuffed animals or your kids will do, too. :)

Granted, some days I won't be able to do some yoga and other times it can be hard to focus on the good. But having that "safety net" where I can take a moment to step back and gather my thoughts definitely helps. Hopefully some of these tips inspire you, too.

What is your morning routine like? Think you can add one of these habits into it? Let me know!


  1. Great tips, pets really are the best therapy! I never used to eat breakfast but now I always make myself a big smoothie and it really does give me a big boost also YES to Blogilates I always do a few of her videos in the morning and it makes me feel soooo good afterwards xoxo


  2. Ah! my brother uses something like HabitRPG which is only available on android phones. I'm so so happy I read about it here! I was so jealous haha

    Angeli | www.eightbitbracelet.blogspot.com

  3. They have an iOS app now!! I use it on my iPhone although it is kinda wonky (things won't properly show up sometimes). The desktop version is a lot better. :)

  4. She's the best! Also, always love her commentary during the videos. Usually like videos where the instructor doesn't talk much but she just makes it so fun.

  5. I really like the points Make Your List Count and a 10-15 minute stretch/yoga. Lately, I've been working on the list portion, but stretching and yoga would go a long way!


  6. I really want to start yoga! I get stressed and anxious so quickly I think it'd really help. These last 2 posts have been super helpful. I hope therapy & your medication helps you!

  7. It's really fun! Starting with the basics at home is easy but I recommend people to find an instructor and class they are comfortable with so the instructor can make sure you don't injure yourself with more advanced moves. I've actually done it even while in a class but I was still a noob and wasn't really paying attention to her warnings, and bam, sprained back. Also, a class is a great place to meet new friends and you already have something in common! :)

  8. Definitely! For the longest time I would try and make a really long to-do list thinking that would make me more productive somehow. Don't know what I was thinking, haha. My therapist recommended making a list that counts with stuff that will actually get done and it's actually helped.


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