26 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday: My Guilty Pleasures

Long time, no see, 5 Fandom Friday! While I don't always partake in your entertainment, I still like reading others posts but I just had to join in this week. Guilty pleasures? Oh yeah, I've got a few!

Really, Really Bad Movies
There are some real gems on Netflix and I don't mean Orange Is The New Black or House of Cards. I mean their huge selection of shlocky, B-quality movies. Did you know they made a third Dragonheart movie? It's bad and on Netflix. Multiple Scorpion King movies? Also very bad and on Netflix. But they are a guilty pleasure because of my love for Mystery Science Theater 3,000 and you can't stop me.

Maybe it's because I was that weird, awkward preteen who wrote Final Fantasy fanfiction during lunch at school but this is a definite guilty pleasure to this day. Even the erotic fanfiction, bring it on! I know some authors don't like their work being turned into fanfiction but I totally believe it helped me write better and breeze through English class.

Charli XCX
There are some Top 40 artists I thoroughly enjoy listening to and not afraid to admit it: Sia, Pharrel, Nicki Minaj...But Charli XCX is my ultimate favorite. I've totally rocked out to her song Break The Rules many, many times while driving to work. Also, I love her fashion sense and how outspoken she is about the music industry.

I follow a lot of beauty YouTubers, although I tend to like watching Akaydoll, Kalel Kitten, Ingrid Nilson, Marzia, iHasCupquake, and Evelina for general lifestyle and beauty videos the most. But I also watch Let's Players such as Sips, Dunkey (does he count as one? haha) and reviewers like Nostalgia Critic, Ashens, and Angry Video-Game Nerd. I also occasionally read a gossip forum about beauty YouTubers. It's a little cray.

No matter the store, I always have to browse the toy section. I love swapping old toys for the nostalgic value with other bloggers and I love buying new toys that look cool. While I also buy "collectibles," most of my home is filled with toys: action figures, Lego sets, dolls, stuffed animals, craft sets. Sometimes you just can't completely grow up!

Honorable Mentions
Role-Playing Guide Books: You know dungeon or game master guides for people running a tabletop campaign? Yeah, I really like reading those in my spare time. Especially monster manuals and magic books.

Legally Blonde: This is my ultimate girly movie that I watch annually (or more). Bend and snap!

80s & 90s Boy Bands: N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block...It's all so cheesy that it's addicting!

What are some of your fandom guilty pleasures? Share a link to your blog in the comments if you also did a 5 Fandom Friday post!


  1. I definitely just subscribed to all of you YouTubers you mentioned! Also, LEGALLY BLONDE YES <3 <3 <3

  2. I LOVE Legally Blonde and will watch it whenever it's on!

  3. Ok I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube so you are not alone in that one!
    xx mal @ bad.wolfbrunch

  4. Love Mystery Science Theatre. Bad movies can be amazing. Grease 2- enough said : )

  5. I can't remember the last time I played a paper-and-dice role-playing game, but I Still collect and pore over the books like they're ancient texts of lost civilizations.

  6. My husband watches ALL the bad Netflix movies too haha. 80's and 90's boy bands are my jam. I grew up in Orlando during the peak of NSync and BSB ...le sigh :)

  7. Dunkey! My husband just introduced me and I die. I'm also a big fan of Joueur du Grenier. He's basically the French Angry Video Game Nerd, but funnier (IMO).

  8. Interesting! Are his videos in French or English? Eh, I'll watch them either way since James has been super busy with other stuff and not really updating as much. I can't get enough of Dunkey lately. I think my favorite of his was when he was "reviewing" Five Nights At Freddy's, hahahaha (called Weekend At Bernie's).

  9. NSync was, like, a religion to me as a girl, lol. Also love listening to some old school Madonna, Blondie, Spice Girls(!!!!), and Destiny's Child.

  10. JDG vids are in French, but someone has gone through and added English subs to a bunch of his old videos for all to enjoy. And I definitely have to check out that Five Nights At Freddy's vid. I'm also a sucker for JonTron, I just wish he'd update more regularly.

  11. The older, the better! I live near a tabletop hobby shop that actually specializes in OLD (AD&D, original D&D, etc.) campaigns and manuals and I could just sit in there and read them all day...And then they complain about me not buying anything, haha. I actually had this weird aspiration as a kid to become one of those manual book writers, especially for world building or bestiary lists. I would make my own but never sent them in.

  12. Yess, bad movies! I absolutely adore bad movies, which is especially strange as I just graduated from a film & screenwriting degree! There's something so fun and campy about them. I also love looking through RPG books- when I used to play D & D with my friends I'd just spend hours reading through his books and taking in the illustrations.

  13. It's also interesting to try and dissect the method behind the madness of a bad movie. Did the director know it was going to be bad? Were the actors proud of their work? How did the rest of the staff, like the camera people or extras feel about it? Were there any revisions to the script? Haha, so many questions!

  14. Right?! I also have a guilty pleasure for bad Disney sequels to their classics, like Mulan 2.

  15. It's where I learned a lot about eyeliner, haha! I also like watching crafting tutorials where they make jewelry or other DIY projects.

  16. It is ridiculously good for a "chick flick." I also wanna see the musical!

  17. Happy people don't shoot their husbands! Haha, love it so much. It's up there with Mean Girls!

  18. I don't feel guilty over anything I find pleasurable, haha, so I turned my list into Little Fandom Pleasures, and I totally listed fanfiction! I LOVE IT. I'm a HUGE fanfic reader, and I've even wrote some! I'm working on an L x Light Death Note fic. ♥ I watch some YouTubers, either those who focus on transgenderism, those who do unboxing vids (like for Kawaii Box, etc.) and Let's Play's forever. Oh, and the Angry Video-Game Nerd, yes. James is wonderful!

    (P.S. For some of the best Let's Play's ever, I recommend Best Friends Play, Rooster Teeth / Achievement Hunter, and Funhaus! I adore them!)

    I buy toys, and stuffies, all the time! I have so many, and I love them!

    I 100% agree on reading guide books and stuff, I do the same. Height of a Halfling? Yes, please! I especially love all of the art inside, even a character sketch on one page.

    Here's my post! http://alifemorekawaii.blogspot.com/2015/07/5-fandom-fridays-weekly-love-list.html


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