06 May 2015

Simple Star Wars Sugar Cookies

Who doesn't love a good sugar cookie, especially when it's shaped like the Millennium Falcon?

These cookie cutters are pretty badass if I do say so myself. I picked up these guys awhile ago from Williams-Sonoma, a kitchenware specialty shop, but you can find the same set right on Amazon too: Star Wars Press-and-Stamp Cookie Cutters Set of 4: Death Star, Millennium Falcon, Vader's Tie Fighter, X-Wing Fighter.

Instead of being the basic cookie cutter, these Star Wars ones are a bit more like stamps and perfect to try out some frosting decorating techniques or even just leaving them plain. Since they are "stamps," it is best to use a sugar cookie recipe rather than a wetter dough recipe as it can stick to the stamp and make a whole mess.

Still, I absolutely love these cookie cutters and was baking and decorating these Star Wars sugar cookies while watching A New Hope on Monday (May The 4th)! They came out pretty darn tasty and please excuse the noob quality, I'm a terrible cookie decorator.

Using some vanilla cream cheese frosting, I added a little bit of gel food dye in order to create some snazzy colors. I couldn't get the exact colors for each thing but who wants to eat a grey cookie anyway? I used blue and a lighter red.

The set comes with a Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Death Star, and Millennium Falcon. Perfect to create your own Star Wars scenes before eating them. Who said you couldn't play with your food? ;)

If you do make your own Star Wars sugar cookies, this is a great recipe that makes dough perfect for cookie cutters (stamps included)! And here is a vegan sugar cookie option as well.


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