29 May 2015

Casual Cosplay Friday: Zero To Hero! (Hercules)

 photo ccfmegarafulloutfit.jpg

This dress immediately reminded me of Megara from Disney's Hercules. The color in real life is almost an exact match to her dress in the movie and, yes, I totally had a mini fangirl moment when I found it.

Do you also find it weird that Megara doesn't get a lot of recognition? She had a great personality that was dynamic, as far as Disney cartoons go, and wasn't afraid to give Hercules and Hades some guff while also supporting Hercules in his adventure. Maybe she's technically not a princess but she is still a great character worth some respect!

As for the dress, it was thrifted from a local vintage and new-ish clothing shop and is originally from a brand called Material Girl. It's paired with a necklace that has ancient looking Roman/Greek coins and my favorite gladiator sandals. A very simple outfit with an overall great Disneybounding theme!

 photo ccfmegaraoutfit.jpg

 photo a48b62a7-293a-4366-a65b-158f3f0488bf.jpg

 photo ccfmegaranecklacedetails.jpg

Dress: Thrifted (Similar)
Shoes: Target
Necklace: H&M
Belt: H&M

Life Update

My closet is FINALLY organized! I am donating four large bags worth of clothes, shoes, and handbags. I also picked up cubby hole style shelves that fit into the closet and some of those fabric bins so I don't have to play hide and seek with my socks, bras, and other random bits of clothes. Next is the laundry area and my jewelry collection. I am a necklace fiend and it's a little out of control. The laundry area is just an explosion of hangers, more clothes, and dryer sheets.

I recently got a "certificate" from Facebook Blueprint. It is a free hub of courses Facebook is offering so you can better manage and promote your business page. I did the Data Driven Marketing path, which has a big focus on Facebook ads. It's a pretty quick course and they even have one dedicated to Instagram. If you're into marketing, looking to better promote your page, or even work in the industry, give it a look!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I almost adopted a kitten recently but decided not to because of her special needs. I was super bummed out because I really connected with her and she was a very sweet, affectionate kitty. If I didn't have my two rowdy boy cats, I would've snatched her up in an instant. So, the adoption hunt continues.

How has your week been? Remember, you can share along with CCF with the hashtag #casualcosplayfriday!


  1. I love the dress! I think it's safe to say you nailed it! And that sucks about the kitty, but at least you realized that it wasn't the right fit!

  2. now THIS is one on-point everyday cosplay!

  3. That dress is PERFECT! Also Hercules is one of my fav Disney movies, even as a Classics major haha.

    (I'll make sure to share my CCF with ya and look out for the hashtag. Love that!)

  4. Oh my gosh that dress is magical! I love the colour and the way you everyday cosplayed it!

  5. Thank you! I'm sure she's already been scooped up by someone else, she was a cutie.

  6. It is so vibrant in real life and flowy so it's fun to twirl around in, haha.

  7. Hercules is just as good as Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and the rest that are super popular and Megara didn't immediately drool over Herc. Also, the Kingdom Hearts world for Hercules was a lot of fun!

  8. You nailed this! So pretty

  9. Agreed, there are so many layers to the Herc songs too. I laugh so much from the Muses' songs.

  10. Brittany BellingJune 3, 2015 at 9:47 AM

    I love that dress! That's a perfect everyday cosplay. Hercules is one of those Disney movies that I was never really into. I don't think I was that big into Disney movies anymore by the time it came out.


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