15 May 2015

Casual Cosplay Friday: Orphan Black (Cosima)

 photo orphanblackccfoutfitdetails.jpg

This is actually my second outfit for Orphan Black. Before I did an OOTD/Style Inspiration post for Allison, but the new Hot Topic exclusive collection that is all about the Clone Club got me itching for another post and I instantly fell in love with this dress.

The detail is just so cool with the DNA double helix and other "science-y" stuff thrown in. This would be a great dress to wear for a science presentation at school, for a casual convention outfit, to go visit your local science museum, or just to show off your Clone Club obsession!

 photo orphanblackccfwithpurse.jpg
 photo orphanblackccfcloseup.jpg
 photo orphanblackccfboots.jpg
 photo orphanblackccfdetails.jpg

This is a really fun outfit and such a departure from my last Orphan Black casual cosplay, I love it. Today I'm wearing it for a mini shopping day and running some errands. It's a little bit cloudy and chilly here so the leggings came in handy to keep me a little warm. And these are my favorite pair of boots because they are broken in and comfy to wear all day.

 photo orphanblackccfbear.jpg
 photo orphanblackccffulldress.jpg


Dress: Hot Topic
Boots: Forever21 (Similar)

Leggings: Madden Girl (Similar)
Earrings: Claire's (Similar)
Bag: Thrifted

Life Update

I've had my first couple productive, happy, and joyful weekends in a long time. I honestly didn't think I would ever have such days again and became reserved with the thought that I'm destined to be forever depressed and stressed. This doesn't mean I don't have bad days because I certainly do. Last week was a mess of work anxiety for me for example, but instead of letting it drown me in worry I punched anxiety right in its stupid face instead.

Also, its been quiet here on Nerdjoy lately and I apologize. I've been hard at work putting together my freelance business, wrapping up my finals, and have been in this crazy organization/home decor mood so most of my nights have been filled with reorganizing my townhouse and acquiring more decor for my sad, bare walls.

How have you been lately? Also, has anyone else picked up anything from the Hot Topic Orphan Black Collection? I want to see outfit pics!

Speaking of, I would love to have Casual Cosplay Friday be something that is shared with fellow geeks. While I know Fandom Friday is during Fridays this doesn't have to be a full on blog post. You could post an outfit pic on Instagram with the hashtag #casualcosplayfriday, for example. It's becoming the official hashtag!


Let's show the rest of the world geeks can be incredibly stylish while also being smart, funny, and downright amazing. :) Until next time!


  1. WOW! That dress is amazing :) I need to go buy one pronto. I totally relate to you feeling down sometimes and having some bad days. I'm starting to try to add positive things to my daily schedule to keep me motivated.

  2. It really does help! It's amazing how a few small changes in your everyday routine or thinking can make your entire day just feel much better and more productive. Usually I'd wake up immediately stressed with a doom and gloom outlook but now I try to wake up with the thought of "Today will be great, you will do great things." and ease into my day rather than trying to scramble to get ready for work and all that.

  3. Love it! I came thisclose to buying that dress, and I opted for the Cosima sweater instead. But I think I might have to go back and buy the dress, too! Awesome outfit!

  4. Okay, I think I need to pick up that dress. I saw the collection online but I was so busy stalking the Her Universe x Marvel stuff I overlooked it. Love the outfit!

  5. Yeah, the Orphan Black Collection totally got shafted because the Marvel stuff came out like immediately after, haha. Thankfully it's a lot easier to find online and offline compared to the Marvel stuff. x_x

  6. Dude, same here but the opposite, haha! The ombre sweater, right? I SOOOO wanted to get that but felt more drawn to the dress. The two combined would make for an amazing outfit, though.

  7. Totally! We must combine our powers! :)

  8. That dress has just moved to the top of my "Needs Now" list. Casual Cosplay Friday is a great idea, and I look forward to participating. : D

  9. It is so much fun! I forgot to take a pic of it, but the back also has laces kinda like a corset so you can adjust the fit of it. :)


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