08 May 2015

Casual Cosplay Friday: Jedi Academy Alumni


Yes, this is a dorky picture. Yes, I'm smiling off into the distance of nothingness. Yes, my self-portrait skills need major improvement but let's just take a moment to talk about this awesome Star Wars shirt.

It was hard picking just one t-shirt for this post since I have several Star Wars related ones, but this one is my newest addition from Hot Topic. I love t-shirts and other accessories like this where fictional academies and organizations are turned into legit looking shirts. And it's for the Jedi Academy? Yeah, count me in!

This week has been a celebration of everything Star Wars at my house and I've been loving it. I talked about the impact Star Wars has on fans all over and also shared a baking session with some awesome Star Wars cookie cutters.

I paired the t-shirt with a diamond polka dot skirt because I really liked the contrast of patterns and it's high waisted so I can tuck in the shirt pretty easily. It is kind of a longer shirt since it's actually for guys but a small fits just fine otherwise on girls. It is also quite soft and lightweight.

Also, let's talk about that bag. I found it on Free Comic Book Day at a thrift store and it's Givenchy. GIVENCHY. I paid $7 for that bad boy and love it. It's a faux suede bag that is perfect for work and school since it's more of a bucket style that can fit folders and books. And comfy. Straps that are comfy on a handbag are super important to me because if I'm going to be lugging it around all day, why do I have to suffer through uncomfortable arm straps?



T-Shirt: Hot Topic
Bottoms: Candie's (Similar)
Shoes: Target (Similar)
Bag: Thrifted

This outfit would be perfect for a lunch date, a client meeting, or even just to feel pretty. I wore it while grabbing some late breakfast and dropping my car off to be worked on during this humid day.

Casual Cosplay Friday is a series I want to try and keep doing every Friday and do different fandom themed outfits. I'm going to be picking up a real, big girl tripod this week and maybe find a better space to take pictures now that it is finally nice outside!

What Star Wars fashion do you have?


  1. This is adorable! Love this outfit!

  2. I love this outfit so much. ♥ I am also a huge fan of t-shirts like that, except I want one for the Sith Academy. *grin* I have this Death Star shirt that is so cool, and comfy! http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/71hkkqfcLCL._UL1500_.jpg

  3. Ah this is cool! I love the way you styled this, it goes perfectly with the rest of the outfit. My wardrobe is seriously lacking in any fandom related t-shirts but I make up for it with accessories, but I think it's time I invested in a cool Star Wars t-shirt myself! - Tasha

  4. That is such a cute shirt. I love wearing nerdy tee shirts with cute skirts to dress them up. I currently own a small handful of Star Wars tee shirts and a Star Wars hair bow. I really want the Star Wars shirt that says Hope and has a Rebel symbol instead of the O.

  5. This is such a cool t-shirt! Schematics shirts like that are also hella interesting

  6. Haha, accessories are my guilty pleasure--especially fandom jewelry! It seriously out numbers my geeky t-shirts easily. There's just so many cute items on Etsy nowadays

  7. Yes, I've seen that one around the Internets! I also like pretty much all the Her Universe Star Wars stuff and have been really eyeballing the jewelry as well.

  8. I spend far too much money on Etsy - I love it!

  9. I love your outfit and I may need to pick up that shirt too!

  10. Thank you! It really is a super comfy shirt!

  11. Super cute outfit!! <3

    -Lori / http://girlhero.net

  12. You look so cute. Great outfit. That skirt could work so well with many casual cosplays. Great find!


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