30 March 2015

March Favorites 2015

Sorry about skipping out on February and suddenly having a March monthly favorites post. I kept putting it off because I really didn't have much to share in February and then suddenly we're already nearing the end of March! Jeez. I do have quite a bit to share now, so enjoy!

J.R. Watkins Body Scrub, ELF Jasmine Nail Polish Set, Nailed It! Nail Wraps

The body scrub smells amazing, like sugary lemon drops. Although, it is kind of difficult to get out of the bottle but it certainly helps exfoliate and makes you smell oh so nice coming out of the shower. You can find J.R. Watkins at Target!

Eyes Lips Face (ELF) does super cute Disney Princesses inspired beauty and nail sets and I happened to find the Jasmine nail polish set at Wal-Greens. I've been wearing the minty green and non-glittery purple colors for the last two or so weeks and absolutely love it.

I got these in February but wanted to mention just how awesome Espionage Cosmetics is. They have a nail wrap line called Nailed It! and it's focused on everything geeky and nerdy. If you want to check out an epic haul of nail wraps, check out this Usagi In Wonderland post! OMG!

Lego Elves set, Trigger Warning

Lego came out with this amazing new collection called Elves. I picked up the boat and built it and then picked up one of the smaller sets (a tree) that I've yet to find the time to build. These are actually aimed at young girls and the mini figures are like the ones in the Lego Friends collection but, man, I love this new line!

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, especially his short story and novella writing. Trigger Warning has been a great read so far, lots of stories that remind me why Gaiman is one of the greats currently writing.

Dragon Age: Inquisition, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 

My favorite "classic" fairy tale is actually the collection of stories found in One Thousand And One Nights. In particular, the stories of Aladdin and Sinbad. Magi is an anime that is based loosely on these tales and kind of all throws them together into a single world. It's very much a cliche anime but does have its deep moments.

I'll let you in on a secret: I didn't enjoy the first two Dragon Age games. I loved Mass Effect but for some reason DA couldn't grab me. Inquisition is a vast improvement in my opinion and I still haven't beaten it after 60+ hours in! We'll see what happens when Witcher 3 comes out, though...

As for the month of March overall, it was hectic at best. I've been trying to get more fit with a exercise routine, putting together a brand new freelance business, working back-to-back campaign launches at work, and have finally started to get my anxiety and depression under control.

How was your March? What were some of your favorites? Let me know!


  1. Yea, I may have gone a bit crazy with the kickstarter but I love their wraps! and I may have to check out Magi. I've fallen off the anime wagon and I need to find new series to check out.

  2. I absolutely love magi <3 I also just did a march favorites, hehe. :P I can pretty much agree with yours ^_^
    x Angela // geekybrunette.wordpress.com

  3. It was a sight to behold! You'll have to review their subscription box, too!

  4. It's such a feel good anime (well, most of the time, haha) and I loooove Sinbad's character in the series. OMG.

  5. I'm just getting into Magi! I lost my Espionage nail wrap set that I have (in our move) and I'm sad because I wanted to wear them. I just need to go ahead and buy some more.


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