11 November 2014

Simple & Easy Captain Marvel Nail Art

Carol Danvers is one awesome chick and makes an amazing Captain Marvel. Strong, independent, and she's beaten up a shark with another shark! What more could you want from a superhero? To celebrate Danvers and her badassery as well as Marvel finally announcing a Captain Marvel movie, here's some pretty nail art you can wear inspired by her iconic costume!

This was also the perfect excuse opportunity to pick up some of the new Sally Hansen nail art pens. I'm terrible at using nail art brushes and the pen tip made it so much easier to do this look! All I did was draw a line near the tips of my nails with the red pen and then painted the other half with the dark blue. Then I went back with the yellow to cover any smudges (which there were many), added the star on my thumb nail, and then topped it off with a top coat!

This is a super easy tutorial since I prefer no fuss manicures. But I do recommend waiting for the blue nail polish to completely dry before you apply the yellow line as it can smudge or even mix with the yellow.

And the verdict for the nail art pens? The pens held up their end of the bargain by being easy to use, although using them kind of confused me at first. You need to "activate" the nail polish in the pen by pressing down on the pen tip and it'll retract into the pen itself. At first I thought I had to do this every single time but it turns out the pen will finally become saturated enough with polish and you don't have to essentially carve nail art out on your nails. Phew!

You'll want to go over with the nail art pens a couple of times as they are kind of transparent and not as full of color as a regular nail polish. Without a top coat, the nail art pen doesn't last very long either.

Are you excited for the Captain Marvel movie?! I really, really, reaaaallllyyyy hope that Katee Sackhoff is cast as the Capt. herself. I mean, c'mon, we know Katee can play a badass hero after seeing her in Battlestar Galactica and she looks just like Danvers. Make it happen, Marvel!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I bought everything in this post with my own money and was NOT contacted by the companies to review these products.

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  1. Nice job! This will come in handy when her movie comes out!

  2. I tried the nail art pen and felt the same way. They are terrible with glitter though because the felt tip catches! I'm going to try out this nail art soon!

  3. Cute! I've been hesitant to try the nail art pens. I find I can get pretty decent results using a small eye liner brush and a steady hand. Also: flat head pins for dots!

  4. OH MY GLOB I NEED TO DO THIS! I love, love, love me some Captain Marvel. Your nails are so adorable!


  5. Fabulous job on the nails. Katee Sackhoff would be an amazing Captain Marvel, fingers crossed

  6. Woot! I love your nail tutorials!
    And YES! Sackoff for Ms. Marvel!!!
    OMG! I'd probably weep at an announcement of that! LOL


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