09 November 2014

Operation No More Dragon Scales! (Vaseline Lotion Review)

It's that magical time of the year where fall is slowly turning into winter. Everybody is in a cheerful holiday mood, the snow can be absolutely beautiful (especially the first snow of the year!), there's hot chocolate to be had and lots of holiday treats...

...And dry, itchy, scaly skin. Ugh!

While I do enjoy fall and winter for the most part--it does contain my birthday in December--I don't like the severely dry skin I get because I feel like a pissed off dragon. I'm all itchy but itching only makes my skin worse or it's flaky and gross. Eeeew.


This is where unscented Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair lotion (kind of rhymes, doesn't it?) comes in to save the day! For the longest time I've been using unscented Aveeno lotion to help with the wintertime dragon scaly-ness, but it usually leaves my skin super greasy even without fragrance added to the formula. Or I'd have to apply it again and again and again in the matter of an hour. Not cool.

I was sent the Vaseline lotion to review and the hook was that this miracle lotion will help fix your dry wintry skin in a week. So, the five day challenge commenced. For five days straight, I used this stuff like my life depended on it. Operation No More Dragon Scales was in full force and going strong!

What I really enjoy about this lotion is there is almost zero "after effect" of greasiness from the formula. I've noticed with my go to Bath & Body Works lotions that my hands would feel incredibly greasy and even worse than before (and that's even with their new formula).

You can seriously feel and notice the little droplets of Vaseline jelly incorporated into the lotion do their magic. I get pretty dry hands and feet during the winter but so far I've been dragon scale free. On severely dry skin that might be painful, I imagine this would also work and not sting.

The moisturizing feeling actually stays. With B&BW or Aveeno, it's almost immediate that you have to apply more in order to not have dragon scales creep back or get all itchy.

Much like any "unscented" lotion, there is always still a scent. To be fair, the "unscent" does fade away real quick and I've honestly had worse. It's a very subtle "fresh linen" smell (or others might call it that hospital smell) but if you're sensitive to smell, you might not want to take a whiff at your hands afterward.

When it comes to unscented moisturizing lotions, Vaseline Intensive Care is good in my book! The dragon scales were moisturized away during my week long experiment. And to add to my "research," I decided to skip a day or two. My skin still felt nice, although I'll have to skip a few more days to see what happens.

Here are a few other pointers I have on combating dragon skin:

1. Fewer hot showers. As much as this might suck, try and lower the temperature on those hot showers. I absolutely love hot showers but the intensity of the heat is brutal on your skin and actually makes dry skin worse.

2. Use unscented lotions. Did you know that scented lotions meant to moisturize your skin aren't as effective as unscented lotions? This is because the perfume in scented lotions usually dilute the moisturizing element or worse yet, the perfume they're using has a high alcohol content which can dry out your skin even more.

3. Use it like no tomorrow! Seriously, your skin is going to soak up all that moisture and feel so much better. Keep a little to-go bottle with you in your purse and I personally keep my big bottle right on my nightstand so I can lather it on when I'm getting out of bed or about to go to sleep.

4. Check your cleanser. Sometimes if you're using a cleanser or scrub with alcohol or an active ingredient such as salicylic acid, your skin will tend to dry out. To combat this you can switch out your cleanser with something that has a "gentle" or "sensitive skin" formula instead.

5. Try a natural exfoliant. Build up of dry skin can cause flakiness or all-around dragon scales but a natural exfoliant can help scrub away the old skin. I don't recommend this as a daily routine but every other week can definitely help!

Going from dragon scales to Daenerys level of smooth skin is entirely doable during the winter! The Vaseline lotion definitely helped and I do recommend it after doing the five day challenge and successfully accomplishing Operation No More Dragon Scales.

How does your skin fare during the winter months?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Vaseline lotion for review purposes but all my opinions and writings in this post are my own and not in any way influenced by a third party.
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  1. OMG! That Dany gif at the bottom!
    I use the B&BW body creams! I've had Water Polo/swim skin and they take place during winter, so let me tell you: dragon scales! But the body creams always worked for me.


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