07 November 2014

5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Comfort Foods

Oh man, do I love food and eating! Especially comfort foods and junk food, which is probably why I'm in such bad shape all the time, heh. Well, November is the month of over eating anyway and since I missed a Fandom Friday and feel bad, this is the perfect opportunity to start back up again!

You'd think I was a pregnant lady with some of my favorite comfort foods, but hey, I don't judge what makes people happy. Here are my top five comfort foods!

1. Beef Jerky & Smartfood Popcorn
Super weird combination, I know, but this is my absolute go-to comfort food! It's somewhat cheap, I can grab it at any drugstore while coming home and just sit down to binge watch Netflix or play some video games.

2. Heath Chocolates
Heath bars are my top chocolate bar, unless they started to make Nutella bars and sell them in the United States. I like eating the chocolate off the toffee bar and then eating the toffee last. Does anyone else do that?

3. Lunchables
Oh yeah, I'm still eating these bad boys! And they honestly taste the same, like we've never left the 90s. I like picking up the nachos Lunchables as a quick lunch or snack or when I'm feeling a little mopey and down.

4. Traditional Asian food
The great thing about living in Metro Detroit are all the little pockets of traditional Asian shops and restaurants that can be found. There's a couple places I go to that sell you big bowls of homemade ramen with quail eggs and whole bok choy or a bakery where all the signs are in Chinese and they only accept cash but make fresh steamed and fried buns. So yummy!

5. Big Ass Sandwiches
Not to be confused with the disgusting sounding ass sandwiches, I mean the big ol' kinds you find at hole-in-the-wall places that don't have any Yelp reviews. It's an adventure in itself to find these hidden gems in your city but when you do find one with an awesome sandwich menu, it's the best feeling ever.

You can always find out more about 5 Fandom Friday on Megan's blog, The Nerdy Girlie, or Kristin's blog, Super Space Chick!

What are some of your comfort foods?
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  1. I love that cheddar popcorn...addictive, you cannot open a bag and NOT eat the entire thing! xx

    1. Yes! They also have a kettle corn version now that's super good.

  2. I eat the chocolate off the heath bars first too. Yum

    1. Best part! It's like the Heath version of eating one side of the Oreo, haha.

  3. Haha, I also eat chocolate off Heath bars! So tasty :)

  4. I can heartily recommend Nigella Lawson recipes for comfort food, particularly her Coca-Cola Chicken.

  5. Damn, I love everything on this list, especially jerky and Asian food! Lunchables are amazing.

  6. I really need to pick up some of that popcorn. It sounds delicious!

  7. Ooooh! Heath Bars!!! I haven't had those in forever!!!


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