23 October 2014

Get The Look: Modern Bloody Mary

While browsing through Meijer for Halloween stuff, I happened to find some awesome fake nails with a blood dripping design. I was going through so many makeup looks in my head and finally decided to do a noir-inspired killer dame look I like to call Modern Bloody Mary.

You can use this as a Halloween costume look by adding some scary contact lenses or even while out on the town for a date this October! Check it out below.

 Sorry for the potato quality of my pictures but my nicer camera has up and died currently and I haven't replaced the battery just yet. Had to use my phone instead and we all know how that goes, ugh.

The look is made up taupe, dark red, mauve, white, and gold with a deep plum lipstick and gloss. I used the cream eyeshadow in a taupe color as a base and then added the white in the corners. Then, it was the mauve color in the middle of the lid, the dark red on the outer corners, and the gold blended on the brow bone.

e.l.f. Mineral in Royal Red

Smashbox in Swift

Fing'rs Prints Ghoulish Glam

e.l.f. in Pretty 'N Pink, Butter Pecan, and Luxe

This was a pretty quick makeup look, or maybe I'm finally getting somewhat okay at blending! Either way, this can be Halloween-ified with some fake blood and I was actually sent costume contacts from Spooky Eyes but unfortunately my eyes are very sensitive and the contacts hurt my eyes when I put them in. It's why I use a lot of e.l.f. products, actually. The slightest irritation turns into a big ol' mess for me!

With that said, I've seen other reviews for Spooky Eyes and they are pretty top notch costume contacts. The ones I was sent were Black Vortex, but they have so many different designs! The Black Vortex contacts were also sent to me in a very nice package all the way from the U.K. in a nice contacts case that allows them to be used multiple times. They were bendy enough to be easily put in your eyes without having to poke them out, too. You can check them all out in detail on the Spooky Eyes website!

Bloody Mary was something my friends and I would do all the time in front of the mirror around Halloween time as kids. I still have a hard time staying in a dark bathroom, hah! How about you guys?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Spooky Eyes Black Vortex contacts for review purposes but everything in this post is my own opinion.
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  1. Great make up! The lippy is such a fab color!

    1. Thanks! Smashbox makes such amazing lip colors. :D

  2. Those nails are amazing! I really like the deep plum lipstick

    1. Same! Was always afraid to try it out but it turned out good.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Still wearing them and get a few double looks from people who catch my nails, haha

  4. I can remember my older cousin trying to convince me the Bloody Mary bathroom ritual worked.. I just laughed the entire time she locked us in to try it, but I was secretly kind of scared!



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