02 October 2014

13 Shops With Spooky Halloween Jewelry

My favorite type of jewelry is by far seasonal stuff you find around Halloween because of my inner goth girl. I love accessorizing with bats, Victorian gothic styles, and of course black cats. October usually has an over abundance of these goodies which is quite exciting on top of all the awesome candy and Halloween decorations that are out right now.

Lately I've been finding a lot of Halloween jewelry on Etsy I pretty much need in my life and decided to share them on the blog since I know many of you are Halloween fanatics, too! Here are the top thirteen down below.

1. Neverland Jewelry. It's hard to pick one thing to showcase from Neverland Jewelry since all of her work is absolutely perfect for October (and year round, let's be honest). But this anatomically correct heart has such wonderful detail and would be great for a Halloween outfit!

2. Weirdly Cute. Another great Etsy shop with way too many things that need to be in my jewelry collection ASAP, but this choker necklace is perfect if you're looking to do some Sally everyday cosplay from Nightmare Before Christmas!

3. isewcute. Need a little bit of bling for your fingers this Halloween? Isewcute has got you covered with this adorable black cat resin ring! She also has many other resin jewelry goodies to check out, too.

4. Couture by Lolita. Gorgeous pieces for the goth girl in all of us, but this cameo necklace in particular is my favorite.

5. Beijo Brasil. Want a bit of Halloween flair for the office? These raven earrings are perfect! Or, if you're a Poe fan.

6. Sweet Asylum Shop. Yet another shop where it's almost impossible to find one thing to like, but this insanely awesome bat necklace is seriously epic. This would be awesome for a costume or even to wear everyday.

7. Fatally Feminine. She makes absolutely adorable and life-like polymer clay food and goodies jewelry and this is an adorable jack-o-lantern necklace! Check back to her Etsy shop often as she's always updating with new stuff.

8. Stardust Trinket Box. Ugh, these cabochon necklaces! So cute. I can't get enough of that little ghost with the witch hat and the Mickey Mouse pumpkin charm.

9. Vixie And Mynx Jewelry. Bone earrings! These are quintessential for a Halloween outfit and can be dressed up or down. They also have other incredible pastel goth jewelry for all year round.

10. Arsenica Accoutrement. Gauges, plugs, and earrings, oh my! From Star Wars to gothic Halloween, Arsenica has got you covered.

11. Raven Eve Jewelry. This is such a cool and unique Etsy seller and she's even located in Detroit, too! These finger rings are so cool and great for any season, to be honest. But if you're thinking of being a seductive vampire for Halloween, these finger caps are perfect.

12. Blood Milk. I will one day own something from Blood Milk, like this ring! Her pieces are pricier (in the $200+ range) but everything looks so kick ass and it's all custom and handmade with pewter and silver.

13. Jynxx Designs. Her charm bracelets remind me of Halloweeen party goodie bags! There are several different Halloween themed bracelets over at Jynxx Designs but this spider one is pretty cool and great for a party (conversation piece anyone?).

Do you have any favorite Halloween accessories you like to wear during this wonderful time of the year?
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  1. These are all so cool. Definitely gonna have to check them out!

    1. It was tough keeping this list at 13, there's so much cool Halloween stuff on Etsy! @.@

  2. That heart pendant is absolutely gorgeous. The detail is just stunning. Also a big fan of those Raven earrings. They're big enough to make a statement, but the look like they'd still be nice and light for all day wear.

    1. Right? I just kept staring at it because of how well it's made and can't even imagine the man hours that were put into the heart!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love that Lolita pendant!! That's beautiful.

  4. That heart pendant is amazing, so detailed! I love Blood Milk jewellery sadly I don't own anything from there either but here's hoping one day I will xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

    1. Gotta save up that money so we can be baller! Haha

  5. I really, really, REALLY want that stitches choker. If I had the money I'd get it and wear it even just as I'm watching Frankenstein MD since I'm really into that web series right now.

  6. That Blood Milk ring is so pretty!!! I want one!!!


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