30 September 2014

September Favorites 2014

I know I say this a lot in these monthly favorites but I really, really mean it this time: September went by way too fast! All of summer did actually, although I do really like fall...just not the season after it even though my birthday is in December. The cold DOES bother me. Always. :P

Anywho, these are my favorites from the month of September! Enjoy. :)

Spiced Hot Cider K-Cups
I love my Keurig and I adore the hot cider cups that come out during this time of year! While not quite the same like you can get at a cider mill locally, this is still the next best thing.

House Stark Varsity Jacket
This is a thing I made a year or so ago! The patch is from an amazing Etsy seller I linked to in the original link and I get a lot of compliments on this jacket. Plus, it's a great early fall jacket when it's still kind of warm but the evenings are getting a bit chilly.

House of Cards Novel
After watching the U.S. version I decided to read the book series. It's a lot different from the Netflix show since it's about British politics and there are a lot more characters to account for but it has been a fun thriller to read regardless.

Bo, Bunny, & Smokey
My mom adopted new kitties! At first she was only going to get Smokey and Bunny, the fluffy gray and striped tabby kittens, but we've always wanted to adopt a Hemingway cat (where they have thumbs) and the adoption place had just found Bo in a Detroit neighborhood. They're all cute and have very different personalities!

Red Dead Redemption
Yeah, I know I'm pretty late to the Red Dead party but it's better late than never, right? Red Dead Redemption has been a lot of fun and the graphics are still pretty impressive even on my old PS3.

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Candles
My part-time job is at BBW and it has been pretty fun for a retail job. Plus I get a sweet discount and have the opportunity to get free stuff, which is always nice. I picked up their Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candles because they're so yummy smelling!

And that's been my monthly September favorites! What have been some of yours?

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  1. The kitties are so cute! And that's awesome you work at BBW!! Discount's - yay!!


  2. Didn't even know there was an HoC book. Might get that now!

  3. Love the jacket. You did an awesome job!

  4. Those K-cups are the best! I love the BBW seasonal stuff too. The sweet cinnamon pumpkin is my favorite!


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