16 September 2014

My Ultimate Blogger Confessions

The confessions keep on rolling! The Nerdy Girlie, a.k.a Megan, is doing a link-up all about blogger confessions. I've only been at this for a year but have a few to share!

1. I have tons of drafted posts but often forget to schedule them
Or rather, I've become really busy recently and my blog has unfortunately been neglected! But I like drafting up posts beforehand and finishing them in intervals instead of doing it all at once. But sometimes I forget about a post in the drafts and then will eventually have to delete it because it wouldn't really work anymore. Does anyone else do this?

2. Photography and design is so frustrating for me
Once upon a time I was okay at graphic design. Later on I went into the programming and coding side of things and now design has become so frustrating! I feel like everything I make or take pictures of look like crap and then feel bad but make posts anyway.

3. Not a lot of people know I'm a blogger IRL
Family and friends aren't too aware of my blog. My mom knows of it but doesn't really understand it and my co-workers at my previous job knew I blogged but weren't too impressed, hah! Totally Internet famous. ;)

4. My favorite part of blogging is making friendships and sending mail
The writing, the creativity -- it's all great but the best part is being part of a larger community and sending mail with that community! And sending mail seems almost exclusive to geek bloggers from what I've seen except for a few beauty YouTubers who send each other gifts.

5. I mostly blog while in bed in my jammies
I recently transformed my "office" at home into a craft area since I have a little breakfast table for my laptop while in bed. My jewelry craft area has taken over my life but that just means comfy blogging!

If you haven't yet, talk about your five blogger confessions and don't forget to link it up with Megan over at her blog! I've been enjoying reading all the confessions. So glad there's so many others who just blog it up in their jammies, too. :)
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  1. I changed out of my pjs today!! For only a couple hours now I'm back in them! LOVE the El Dorado and Futurama gifs!! thank you for sharing! I have a bunch of drafts to, and I've only deleted a few...I do have a LOT scheduled and grow tired of waiting for those days to come :)

  2. I also have a ton of drafted posts! I think I'm up to 10 now? Most of them are living in limbo right now because of my very sad photography skills. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Haha that Futurama gif seems to sum up my life! I have a draft folder of over 50 posts at the moment, oopsie!

  4. Same here for 1 and 5; I have twenty posts sitting my draft queue and tons of lists for more ideas. So happy to read I'm not the only one who blogs in my jammies. I might look comfy but really I'm hard at work! :)

  5. Another awesome list of confessions! I use to do a little layout designing back in the day but I'm lost these days!

  6. These are so fun and I really get this specific list. :)
    Jammies and in bed? Check! Loads of scheduled posts? Check! Loving the community? Check! (Ross and Monica would be so proud of my checking right now)

  7. So I thought I had commented, but it looks like it got eaten somewhere. But I love this list (and the gifs, always love a nice gif!). I'm happy to know others have scads of drafts hiding in the corners of their blog! :) Great list!


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