02 September 2014

August Favorites 2014

Another month has gone by and we're fast approaching fall already! Here are some of my favorites from August.

Favorite Blogs & Websites
Freecycle. Discovering this website was like falling into a magical, wonderful rabbit hole of free stuff. Yup, that's right: free things! Practically anything under the sun came be found at Freecycle and it seems a little better for trading and free stuff than Craigslist.

I Heart Organizing. I've been in a real organization kick lately and this blog has been an amazing inspiration! So. much. organizing.

Ordinary Homemaker. While I'm not a homemaker, I really enjoy this blog's DIY posts, meal plans, and (you guessed it) more organization posts.

eShakti. Holy gorgeous dresses, Batman! Finding vintage reproduction dresses that are also inexpensive can seem like an impossible task but eShakti has got your back. ModCloth is still a favorite of mine, but the more the merrier, right?

Milk Bubble Tea. This blogger's entire theme and blog is absolutely adorable, cute, and so inspiring! I wish I could keep my desk that clean and cute, hah!

Favorite Things
Lost Girl Season 4. Wow...Just wow. I won't spoil anything if any fellow Lost Girl fans haven't watched this season yet (it's on Netflix!) but the ending is full of many feels.

Lumberjanes. What a totally rad and cute series! I really want to do a Style Inspiration post based on Lumberjanes and I have a DIY post in mind for October. This is a great comic book for new comic book readers to get into as well as being all about girl power.

Iced Mint Tea. This has been one weird summer in Michigan, most of it was cool and then toward the end it has become super muggy and humid. My hair hasn't been liking it at all but it's a great excuse to make iced mint tea! Yummy.

Toy Trading. Welp, I'm addicted! If you haven't tried toy trading, you totally should. I've done a few trades with numerous toy and thrift bloggers who have traded some very rad things. Plus it's a great little surprise of nostalgia in your mailbox.

What were your favorites in August?

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  1. Just finished season 3 of Lost Girl. I've heard the 4th season is the best

    1. It's pretty good, although 3 is probably my favorite in the entire series! Be ready for the ending of 4, though!!

  2. I LOVE I Heart Organizing! One time I was browsing the site and was so inspired that I headed straight to Target to buy a bunch of organizing things :D


    1. Isn't it the best?! I wish there was a Container Store nearby, haha

  3. Lost girl! That was a hard finale to watch. Thanks for the blog recommendations! I'll definitely be checking those out.


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