05 August 2014

Toy Trade With The Trash Man

One of my favorite things to do is swap snail mail with fellow bloggers. Although right now I can't do so because over half of my room is in moving boxes, including stationary. But the last few pieces of mail I sent out before I started really packing involved sending out old toys.

Remember those rad and retro Power Rangers toys I talked about? Well, they all have new and wonderful homes where they can be displayed properly instead of sitting in a box down in a dark basement! In particular, I did a toy trade with Brian (The Trash Man). And boy, the box he sent is insanely nostalgic and awesome and rad. Thank you again Brian for reaching out about the toy trade!

Pooooooggggs! So many pogs! I actually asked if Brian had any beforehand and he certainly delivered. My favorite one is shown above with the skull hatching out of an 8 ball proudly exclaiming "A star is born"! Although all of them are great and bring back so many memories.




All sorts of great toys ranging from Ghostbusters, X-Men, TMNT, Pokemon, and more! But the greatest one of them all in this group? Luigi. He doesn't have the death stare he's sporting in the newest Mario Kart but rather more of an amorous "Why don't you a-come home with-a me tonight?!" Look at that suave guy.





There's a lot of radness going on in these pictures and I was so amazed by the comic book selection Brian sent me. He must be psychic to know I absolutely adore Starfire and Nightstar, Trillium is right up my alley with cerebral sci-fi, and who doesn't love Harley Quinn? Also got two picture books, VR Troopers cake toppers, Catdog birthday decorations, and Sailor Moon stickers! What?!




Trading cards were a 80s/90s kid staple and these are all from television shows I watched religiously as a kid. Tiny Toons was my spirit animal, especially Elmyra. The Beetlejuice cartoon had the best intro and holy crap, Dinosaurs!

I was debating whether or not to open these up because they were STILL all sealed. I eventually did very carefully open these and I'll show you guys the cards I got in another post. ;)


And then my absolute favorite in the toy trade was this Funko Mars Attacks! alien. I have no idea how Brian knew that's a favorite movie of mine but he just nailed it. This guy will be chilling out at my desk at work and I'll annoy my co-workers with ack ack ACK ACK noises.

Once I'm moved and settled into the new apartment I'll be sending out mail once again! But this was a great toy trade for now. Thanks again Brian! And do check out his blog Pop Pop! It's Trash Culture for more nostalgic goodness.
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  1. WOAH! Such a great box. I am geeking out over that Luigi and the Fraggle Rock toy. I had both of those. And the Sailor Moon stickers!? Squee! Let me know what you think of Trillium. It's a beautiful series and I loved it so much. Jeff Lemire is a favorite of mine. Picking up the trade tomorrow! :)

    1. Really like the artwork of Trillium, it reminds me a lot of Neil Gaiman's Sandman. :D

  2. WOW!! You got so much cool stuff, my brothers would totally kill for the TMNT figures you got. I love the Catdog decorations haha I wish I could throw a birthdya party for my nieces with Catdog decor... they would be like "huhhhh!? a cat... and a dog.... together???" lol poor kids, they are missing out so many great shows!

    1. Ahaha, right?! Might just have a Catdog birthday myself in December!

    I am so jealous of those Pogs right now..

  4. Thats a pretty sweet little care package!

    1. Thanks! It really made my day when I picked up the mail. :D

  5. Wow! What an amazing trade. You got some sweet stuff. Dinosaurs trading cards?! That's awesome! I kind of miss my pogs sometimes, especially my saber tooth cat slammer!

  6. Beetlejuice AND Tiny Toons?! Jealous here, lol. I loved both of those shows. I know the intro to beetlejuice by heart still. Fabulous trades

  7. My heart skipped a beat at the Sailor Moon stickers!
    And also, the Mars Attacks Funko alien is just too cool.

  8. What a great idea! There is definitely some amazing things up there. I personally have a ton of pogs - I've been trying to come up with something crafty to do with them for the longest time, ha! And I'm loving the Luigi :)

  9. Steph this is an amazing variety of goodness! Congrats!!!!

  10. SO much nostalgia!

    Thanks for your comment on my post. Rummaging for old books is definitely one of the best things EVER!

  11. i love the beetlejuice, pikachu and mario kart one's! hahaha so cool!

  12. HOLY MOLY.
    So much radness! Those ninja turtles, pikachu pez, sailor moon stickers! Great trades! :D


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