10 July 2014

Retro Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers + Toy Trade Request!




Moving means going through lots of history, which I am experiencing right now. As I decide what needs to be sold off, what's coming along with me, or being donated, my mom also found a big box of my Power Rangers toys!

One of my first blog posts ever explains that Power Rangers was one of the first times when I experienced being a true fangirl. And never looked back.




These toys have seen a lot of playdates, sandboxes, and backyards. But despite all that, these guys have held up quite well after all this time! I have many other Power Rangers toys but these were the best in my opinion with the most memories from my childhood. Here are a few more below.





Look at this! It's a Power Rangers BEEPER! That's right, a beeper. Do you guys remember those things? Of course, it's not a real beeper and the batteries in it have long been taken out but I remember wearing this one (and a Pink Ranger one not pictured here) all the time and feeling like a superhero. Oh, the nineties!




So all those Power Rangers figurines from the first picture are unique in that you can change their heads, like this Tommy figurine demonstrates. Totally his likeness, right? :P

Anywho, I'm looking for new homes for most of this stuff and that's why I'm interested in doing another toy trade! I did one with Derek from Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks and really liked the concept.

Toy Trade Rules:
1. I'll trade you five to ten toys. It can be vintage or new stuff, it's up to you! I like surprise mail (unless it's a surprise bill).

2. The big Power Rangers transformer toy pictured in this post will not be part of the toy trade because of how big and bulky it is (and it doesn't transform properly anymore). Everything else is fair game.

3. If there are any specific toys in this post (or if you want to see any others I have), just let me know!

4. Send me an email (stephymercedes at gmail.com) if you're interested in doing a toy trade!

Also, I had smaller Power Rangers toys and trinkets that I'll be upcycling into jewelry and other accessories. So be on the lookout for vintage Power Rangers exclusive goodies in my Etsy shop in the near future. :)

Were you a Power Rangers fan? Who was your favorite Ranger? I always really liked Tommy (Green Ranger) and also both the Yellow and Pink Rangers. It's all about that girl power!
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  1. My brothers and sister liked the power rangers more than me, but whenever I watched the show with them I always liked the pink power ranger because well...she was a girl lol!

    Cool beeper! :P All the toys look really good!!


  2. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I really enjoyed the Power Rangers in the 90s. These toys are quite cool. I'm surprised they're not collectibles of some sort.

  3. I love love loved the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers when I was a little! The pink ranger was always my favorite (the actress and I even have the same birthday!), and I had a little girl crush on Tommy!
    Oh it's so strange that you pull back one head and out pops another! Haha!


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