12 July 2014

A Geek Girl On Geekness Day

It's one of the best times to be a geek girl right now, all things considered. While there is certainly things that still need to be addressed and fixed relating to gender gaps, us fangirls still have public platforms where we can connect with one another and have a support group for all of our fandom fanaticism. Which is exactly why I was all sorts of excited to find out about Geekness Day on July 13th!

The wonderful people over at SingleHop reached out to me to create a post about Geekness Day and what makes us all a geek. I decided to put a little spin on it to focus on geek girls in the community. :) So, let's hand it over to some of the geek girls who make this community great.

What makes you a geek?

Gladys, Usagi In Wonderland -- "A love for stuff - TV, Movies, Games, Travel, Photography etc. It's what I'm passionate about."

Erini, Adorkable Me -- "Just having a passion for something makes you a geek. Anyone can be a geek about any thing -- which is wonderful!"

Fiona, Hello Cynical Badger -- "A passion for something that you enjoy researching in to. For me personally, I geek over so many things because I love finding out extra little bits of information about it (and "it" applies to so many different things)"

Heather, The Nerdy Fox -- "Not having to be ashamed for being into something even if it isn't cool or popular."

Freyja, True Geek Chic -- "Having a passion for something that other may see as being odd, but you are brave enough to express your love for it."

Meli, Melificent -- "Not being ashamed of what I love."

Arbine, My Shiny Life -- "Loving something so much that you spend a lot of time immersing yourself in it."

Kendall, Distracted Blogger -- "I obsess over the stuff I love. OBSESS."

Who is your geeky role model?

Erini -- "Well, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my second family, Mucca Pazza. In the larger world, there's too many people I think are great and have played a role in my own confidence identifying as a geek, so I'll just leave it with someone who had an absolutely amazing message about being a geek or nerd: Wil Wheaton."

Fiona -- "This is a hard one but off the top of my head, Simon Pegg because he provided me with so many things I love (films, TV shows, comedy) as well as loves things I love too (Star Wars, Star Trek, Zombie Fiction) - I feel if I met him, after hyperventilating and wetting my pants - we'd nerd out over so many things."

Heather -- "I adore Simon Pegg. He's wonderful. Him and Nick Frost. I love them. I love the story of how they became friends."

Freyja -- "my geek role model is probably Tom Hiddleston, not only because he's beautiful, but because he is not afraid to show how much he loves his roles in films, so much so that he'll go dressed in character to SDCC whereas other stars will just go in 'normal clothes'. He also is a complete gentlemen and he acknowledges his fans adoration of him, and he adores his fans as much as they do."

Meli -- "Zooey Deschanel. She embodies geeky chic & I love it!"

Arbine -- "Ashley Eckstein, Gala Darling, Jessica Merchant, Molly Yeh, Simon Pegg, and Wil Wheaton."

Kendall -- "Felicia Day; I am not ashamed to say I aspire to be like her. She's an actor, a writer, and an entrepreneur. I think that's so awesome."

As for me? I agree with all the sentiments here about what makes us all a geek. We have a passion for something and we all love showing it off and connecting with one another, which makes Geekness Day extra special. It's a celebration of that crazy passion us geeks have! And my role model is definitely both Chloe Dykstra and Chris Hardwick. They are like a nerdy power couple and both awesome people.

Thank you again for the private Cloud server and managed hosting geeks over at SingleHop for inspiring me to write this post! And if you'd like to know more about what they're all about, do check out SingleHop's site for more information on private cloud hosting.

How are you going to be celebrating Geekness Day?

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  1. Aha, Happy Geekness Day! It's awesome seeing everyone's together :3

  2. I'll probably finish Kill la Kill. I've been binge-watching it for 2 days now. It's so good! Happy Geekness Day!

  3. YAY! Happy Geekness Day!!! What a great post, and more awesome geeks to follow! YAY!

  4. This is so cool! I love seeing what everyone had to say about being a geek. Thanks for including my comments!

  5. Great post! I didn't know this was a day, but I just so happened to have spent it geeking out on the stuff I'm also passionate about!


  6. I was geeking out over Attack on Titan since they are German influenced and Germany won the world cup!

  7. I had no idea! Well then, I will definitely be late on celebrating my love for those science men who have risen up in popular culture, like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.


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