25 June 2014

Quick Guide To Geeky Nail Art

It wasn't until sometime last year I was finally bitten by the nail art bug. I was never a nail polish type of gal before because I can be pretty brutal on my nails. I smash them into stuff accidentally or a nail will chip constantly so I never really bothered. That was until this huge nail art trend washed over the Internet and with it, really cute designs. Now I'm hooked and want to share that fangirling with you, of course!

Nail Wraps & Nail Art Stickers
These are my favorite to use when prettifying my nails because of how quick and easy it is to do. You can either just attach the sticker directly to your nail and then cut it to size or use the water slide method of dunking it in some water and "sliding" the photo transfer on your nail.

I'm still pretty terrible at applying nail polish, so if you're like me and can't seem to color inside the lines, here are some great places that sell geek girl approved nail art wraps and stickers.

Don't you love these Van Gogh inspired nail stickers?! Inspired Nails has a lot of great "beginner" designs that are easy to transfer to your nail.
If you're looking for really interesting nail art decor, this is the place! These are more whimsical designs that aren't directly related to a fandom but I still love her nail art, like these retro looking mermaids.

This is where I get a lot of my fandom nail stickers (like my Sherlock and Star Wars nail art stickers) because she's inexpensive, the stickers are super easy to use, and provides instructions! I've been REALLY wanting to get these amazing Rapunzel stickers for a long time.

You've probably seen these guys around and their Kickstarter campaign. These are some of the coolest nail wraps I've seen so far for geeks. I really want to get these Mystery Science Theater 3000 ones!

Geeky Nail Polishes
A fandom can be turned into just about anything these days and that includes nail polish. I have a modest collection of nail polishes, mostly stuff from cheaper brands like Sally Hansen and LA Colors, but I like to splurge on handmade, unique polishes from time to time. These are the nail polishes you've been looking for.
C'mon, the word "fan" is right there in the shop name even! These gorgeous nail polishes have names like Blue Sun, Walking Carpet, Direwolf, and the one pictured above is called Save The Princess. So pretty!

This is cruelty free nail polish as well as not having harsher chemicals like formaldehyde in it AND is absolutely adorable. This one in particular, called Bubble Goth White, is a nail polish I've been meaning to get for a long time now. With my new job, it might just be a Treat Yo' Self goodie here soon!

If you're looking for super pigmented and highly glitter-fied nail polish, this is the place you need to check out ASAP! As you can see from the above image of the nail polish called Unicorns Love Cotton Candy, it's all about the glitter.

Fake Nails
If you want to try fake nails, there are all sorts of amazing artists online who sell customized fake nails. I will say this will probably be the most expensive option depending on the type of fake nails you get. You can actually buy pre-painted/designed nails off of Etsy (called nail sets) from nail artists or you can try your own creations and buy unpainted fake nails. But here are some amazing artists to check out!

Oh. My. Glob. This is a shop full of jewelry and painted nail sets to make any fangirl squee with joy. There are also Legend of Zelda and other fandom nail sets to check out at the Forbidden District at a very fair price!

Ugh, I can't even describe how much I want one of Aya's nail sets in my life. She is an AMAZING artist with very cute decoden and pastel goth inspired nail sets. These are a bit pricier and ship out from Japan, but I think it would be well worth it.

Finally, I have an unfortunate story about at-home fake nails. I was sent these Kiss brand nails in my Spring VoxBox and they were AWFUL. Only an hour later, my fake nails were already popping off and I wasn't even doing anything intensive.

No matter how much I pushed back my cuticles or rearranged the fake nail, it would pinch my skin and feel horrible. Which is weird because I've tried other Kiss nail stuff (usually the bigger boxes of fake nails that you paint yourself) with no problem. I really can't recommend these if you're new to fake nails and would instead point you toward the actual kit like these: Kiss 100 Full Cover Nails Active Oval (Medium Length)*

But anywho, hopefully this guide starts you off in the right direction in becoming a fellow nail art fanatic! Even our nails can show off our geek pride. :)

You can check out my past nail tutorials, too!

Disclaimer: I was sent the Kiss Everlasting French Nails for review purposes but everything else mentioned in this post are my own opinion or bought with my own money.

* = Amazon Affiliate link included
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  1. This is a great post Steph! Love the shops you recommended, I'm already browsing thru them and loving so many of their designs! My nieces would be so jealous if they saw me with those Rapunzel nails... hehe :P


    1. That's another great thing about nail stickers--they're perfect for younger nail art lovers! :)

  2. Love that you did this post!
    I wanted to get back into nail art and fake nails (bought a stiletto nail set off eBay the other day) again, so its good to see other options too! ^^

    1. Ooohh, stiletto! Been wanting to get a set myself because I've been so obsessed lately. Totally blame Instagram, haha.

  3. Love this! I've been growing out my nails lately and I hope one day they'll be long enough for stickers to look good on them! And you've suggested a bunch of great ones to choose from! Great post :)

    1. Thanks! And yeah, growing out nails can be the most frustrating part when you want to designs right now. >_<

  4. I see Van Gogh Starry Night nails in my future. Or maybe the Klimt ones! I'm digging Inspired Nails.

  5. I love Nailed It nail stickers! I just can't say how amazing and well made they are!! I also do like doing my own art on my nails but with life being so busy right now, nail wraps are a life saver!!

    I was never a fan of the KISS nail line.

  6. I'm fainting on the inside because of those MST3K nails! They are wonderous! I also really dig the Van Gogh nails!

  7. I always love your nail tutorials! And the Bubble Goth polish is dope!


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