09 June 2014

Kiss The Girl (Little Mermaid/Disney OOTD)

Mel of Melificent and The Fangirl Diaries will be doing an episode on cute convention outfits and I submitted this particular ensemble to be featured in the video! But I wanted to talk a little about the outfit details here if you guys were interested in picking up any of these goodies for yourself.





Little Mermaid Sweater // Target --  They have also been selling leggings, but I will say it's difficult to find Disney anything at Target! Most of the ones around me now only carry Bambi related stuff and I really had to dig for this Little Mermaid sweater. Another great alternative is Hot Topic.

Turqoise Blue Jeans // Ann Taylor LOFT -- These are seriously my best pair of jeans currently. They are comfortable, fit perfectly, and compliment practically any outfit for the spring and summer.

White Slip-On Sneakers // H&M -- Every summer, H&M rolls out their inexpensive slip-on flats and sneakers. These cost me $12. Seriously. I actually picked up a spare to try my hand at geeky sneaker art one of these days.

Disney Castle Necklace // Heaven Sent Crafts -- I found their business card! Heaven Sent Crafts is a local nerdy mother-daughter team who create adorable jewelry and notebooks out of Monopoly pieces, Barbie accessories, soda cans, and other little trinkets. My necklace was originally a castle from a Disney Monopoly set!

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  1. Cute! Really loving your outfit posts.

  2. Cute outfit and yes Hot Topic always has a great selection of Disney stuff! The one by me is always full of goodies! I've found cute Mickey Mouse tops at Target.... I looooove that place! :)


  3. What a cute little shop for accessories! Have you seen the mini journals!? Favorited their Etsy for future reference!

  4. I really want that castle necklace!


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