01 May 2014

Star Wars Day Nail Art Inspiration

Hooray for geeky nail art! This one is dedicated to Star Wars Day, also known as May The Fourth (Be With You). It's right around the corner and it's time to get festive for this universal holiday. ;)

I'm on the fence for the nails I did for myself, but it was a great excuse to use my magnetic nail polish from Sally Hansen. I thought it had a good sci-fi, space-y vibe. There's a magnet on the top of the nail polish bottle that you use to make the "waves" in the polish. It's super cool in real life and really dimensional. The nail stickers are from Lush Nail Art, formerly SuperSexyNail on Etsy. It is also where I got my Sherlock nail stickers.



And here are some amazing nail art designs to give you some inspiration for Star Wars Day!

Jedi Academy Galaxy Nails

This has been quite the week for Star Wars fans--we finally got the official cast list for the newest movie! I'm really excited to see John Boyega from Attack The Block in Episode VII, although I wish there were a few more girls in the cast. 

Anywho, how are you going to celebrate May The Fourth?
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  1. Very cool collection of nail art! They're all so awesome! That magnetic polish is pretty sweet. I have a feeling the most I'll be doing for Star Wars day will be watching episode III or IV because I started watching the other two when I was sick, but haven't gotten very far.

  2. Such pretty nails! The magnetic polish sounds really cool!

  3. These are sooo cool! I like your magnetic nail polish too! I was wondering if they worked!

    1. Yeah, I was a little skeptical too! It's hard to capture it on camera but it really is a good buy if you're into unique nail polishes. :)

  4. Totally going to try the last one!

  5. Those Jedi nails are amazing! I love the colors!


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