09 May 2014

Nerdgasm: Attack On Titan cosplay, Wreck This Journal and more!

So, I've been thinking: my weekly round up of links is called 'Nerdgasm,' yeah? So why not showcase even more nerds and their awesome creations and posts? Well, I'm going to do exactly that! Nerdgasm will be dropping the nerd news portion and will be straight up for the creative people I find and follow along with their cool stuff. Here's a bit of what I read and saw this week!

Attack on Titan Cosplay, via Girl Hero
As if we needed more evidence of how awesome Lori is and now she's doing cosplay! Can't wait to see her Arrow one next. :)

My Blog as a Mixtape, via Gamerwife
Did you participate in this tag? It was pretty fun! Mariko's playlist is a good one if you're looking to focus on work and studying, or just procrastinating and window shopping on Amazon.

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Poison Ivy, via Confessions of a Book Pimp
Joie not only did another great Wednesday Workout Cosplay post, but she is also hosting a giveaway along with Amanda over at Geekphoria!

Primark Cat & Polka Dot Nail Stickers, via Strike A Pose
Don't know why, but I follow a lot of UK based beauty blogs and this one is a favorite of mine because of their consistently cute posts. Here's another thing I will try to hunt down on eBay or Amazon!

Wreck This Journal #3, via Vivatramp
I've been coveting a Wreck This Journal for awhile and like seeing what others do in their own! So I had to share this post, of course.

Her Universe @ Star Wars Weekends, via Travis The Grimm
Keep telling myself I'm going to save money, but then I see AMAZINGLY CUTE things like in Travis' post. Ungh.

Learn To Speak Dothraki, via Your Friend Elle
No Nerdgasm post is complete without at least one Game of Thrones related link and this one is pretty cool if you're into languages (memememe)!

If you still want nerd news for your eyeballs, Mandy of Chocolate & Cream Cake does an awesome weekly link up that blows mine out of the water! Have a great weekend!
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  1. Great link round-up. I always love checking these out to see what I missed through the week!

  2. D'awwww! Thanks for the shout out, Steph. And thanks for eating up my day with even more awesome blogs to follow. ;p

  3. Cool links! The learn to speak Dothraki is awesome! Really obsessed with Game of Thrones right now. :)

  4. Woot! I'm glad you like the giveaway! And I'm loving EVERYONE's playlists! Mariko's blew my mind!
    I am so happy so many people have done it!


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