23 May 2014

Do You Remember... Random 90s Toys


Here's just some random bits and bobs I've encountered while diving into the boxes of toys I have. I'll have a post up about the toys I got from my toy trade with Derek from Goodwill Hunting For Geeks soon!

Nineties nostalgia is all the rage these days, which is immensely odd and fun to me. I'm an unashamed 90s kid (born in the late 80s, none of this 'born in 93' stuff!), so being able to indulge those nostalgic twinges through Netflix or the Internet is awesome. But it also gives you that feeling of, "Holy crap, time flew by!"

And it doesn't help that the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit has an entire section dedicated to 1980s, 90s, and early 00s stuff. I'm not kidding, our Gameboys and Y2k books are in a museum now!





To start this off, here's some Jurassic Park and Space Jam! I completely forgot where the Jurassic Park toys came from and I think this Lola Bunny was a toy from Burger King or McDonald's. They've held up well over the years. :)





Some Disney goodness with Rajah from Aladdin and Pocahontas and her dad.





Does anyone else remember Wishbone?! This plushie was an absolute gem of a find and, of course, had to include some Pokemon toys. The only reason I know how to spell camouflage is because of Wishbone and the spelling bee episode.



And finally, an old Barbie TV! When you wound it up the little screen in the front would move around and the Barbies would dance. But like most wound up toys of old this was loud and obnoxious. Love that yellow VHS you can pop in and out (to stop the dancing) on the front. :)

I'm thinking of doing another toy trade in the future with all the random toys I've found so far! It has been so much fun to go through everything again and remembering the countless hours of playing with these toys.

Do you guys remember any of this stuff, either the cartoons, movies, shows or toys themselves?
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  1. I had the Pocahontas toys (I actually think I STILL have them--I've kept nearly all of my Disney action figures). That Wishbone is absolutely adorable. I loved Wishbone back in the day.

  2. Look, I'm not usually all that into girls' toys... but that Barbie wind-up is INCREDIBLE!!!

    1. Right?! they really don't make Barbie accessories like they used to and most of the dolls hardly come with anything at all anymore (you're lucky to get some spare shoes or a brush).

  3. Loooove the dinosaurs, I love, love, love Jurassic Park!

    1. Hell yeah! I totally forgot I had them and was all excited to find them again. :)

  4. I remember the Lola Bunny toy! Not sure if it was mine or my older siblings. and poor Pocahontas, look at that hair.. lol

  5. I know I had some of the Space Jam toys, just not sure which ones lol. The Wishbone plushie is adorable. The ones I really wish I held onto are the Eureka's Castle hand puppets from Pizza Hut, I loved that show

  6. Pochahontas was my favorite. I had the bed sheets and so many figurines! I also remember Wishbone. I'm a bit older than you so I think at that point I was making fun of him. But it is an adorable plush! :)

  7. That Barbie TV is an AMAZING find! I love Pocahontas and I think I had that one.

  8. OH MY GOD! I totally had the Space Jam toy, the Barbie TV, and the Pochahontas toy! I wish I still had some of my old toys... ahhh to have grown up in the 90s. I remember using Windows 95 and making a website using Expages. XD


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