21 May 2014

DIY Godzilla Bleach Art Shirt


And I am back! Sorry for suddenly vanishing there for a bit, but I've had one crazy weekend and then immediately had to jump back into work and reality. I've missed reading all your wonderful posts and have been playing catch up.

Speaking of catch up, I have A LOT of stuff to share with you guys in the next couple weeks before I vanish again for Toronto! But first, a DIY.

So, Godzilla is out and everybody has been geeking out over it, myself included. Mom and I would watch the old movies together and I had a lot of the figurines as a kid, like Baby Godzilla, Mothra, and all sorts of Godzilla'ses that lit up, roared, you named it. Kaiju and I go way back, so it felt necessary to make a DIY thing for this new Godzilla movie!


This was my first time dabbling in bleach art t-shirts and it's a lot easier than I thought it would be! Now you can learn how to make your own Godzilla bleach art shirt. :D All the details are below.

You will need:
- Black t-shirt
- Freezer paper
-X-Acto Knife
- Bleach
- Water
- Spray bottle
- Iron
- Cardboard




First, mix equal parts water and bleach into a spray bottle. Preferably one that mists rather than squirts out a straight line of water.

You will want to find a Godzilla stencil or drawing you will want on your shirt. I found this little one and decided to do a type of "polo" Ralph Lauren shirt, except with Godzilla! 

Trace it out on your freezer paper (shiny side down) and then start cutting away with the X-Acto Knife. Then, you will want to place the paper on your shirt and start ironing away until it is good and stuck to the shirt.

Put some cardboard in between the shirt so it doesn't stain through to the back. Spray the stencil lightly and not too close! You don't want to saturate it, otherwise it will bleed through too much.

Finally, dunk the shirt in some cold water and put it in the dryer until completely dry!


Mine bled a little bit around the Japanese characters, but otherwise, this went pretty well! You can always experiment with different mixtures of bleach and water for different effects, but I just recommend doing equal parts for the best outcome.

Are you a Godzilla fan? Show me your bleach art Godzilla shirt if you decide to do one! :)
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  1. EEEE. GODZILLA. We've been celebrating by watching our favorite gamers play all of the various godzilla games, and watching the old movies as best as we can. This is a really cool shirt! ~Eleishia

  2. YAY! Godzilla! The new movie was pretty good! This tee is awesome!!!!

  3. Cool idea, I'll definitely have to try this. my husband and I can't wait to go watch the movie!

  4. This is such an adorable idea, and it turned out great! I loved the movie - I watched in 3d and every scene looked amazing!

  5. Speaking as someone who had Gojira on top of her wedding cake (no lie), this came out awesome!


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