01 April 2014

Top 5 Geeky April Fools Jokes 2014

Some of my favorite pranks on this day are from tech companies, typically because they go all out and do a proper prank. It's not a scare prank or destroying someone's property, just a joke everyone can enjoy... Or at least us geeks can enjoy. Speaking of, here are five of my favorite geeky pranks for April Fools 2014!

5. iPOWER Origamibook, from Tiger Direct
Oh man, check out this new laptop! You can fold it like origami! Oh wait, that would be totally unpractical. ...Or would it? Brb, patenting things.

4. 3D Printed Sandwiches, from The Journal
This one is amusing because there are real 3D printers that will print out candy for you, but I hear they taste pretty awful. We can only hope the future will have a real 3D sandwich printer for us (that is also tasty).

3. HootSuite+Facebook+Oculus Rift, from the HootSuite Blog
I liked this one simply because of the pun "Owlculus" that HootSuite used. Although, I wouldn't mind using HootSuite in Oculus or even in Google Glass, quite honestly.

2. Unicorn Drinking Horn, from ThinkGeek
Their Tauntaun sleeping bag was one of their first April Fools pranks and was later turned into a real thing and I really hope this happens with the unicorn drinking horn! I'd totally use it at the Renaissance Faire.

1. Pokemon Google Maps, from Google
Of course this one had to be number one, mostly because of the time and effort put into it. Did you catch all 150 Pokemon in Google Maps? I sure didn't because I suck at catching Pokemon!

What have been your favorite geeky pranks so far? :)

Here are some pranks from Twitter that deserve an honorable mention:
- The Garrus Bodypillow on the BioWare shop
- The Maru Sue make over for The Mary Sue
- IGGPPC Go Paperless Initiative for the Iggles

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  1. Haha these are awesome! I particularly like the 3D printer. One year some friends and I wrapped up our graphic designer's office in foil. Literally every pen, keyboard, notebook, and phone was wrapped in foil! Last year we moved keys around on some people's keyboards and put mini sticky notes on the bottom of mouses. It's aparently not as funny to those who aren't exactly tech savvy...

    1. I really, really wanna try foiling a co-worker's office sometime in the future but right now we have an open office floorplan so it's not as fun, haha. Yeah, I can imagine sticky notes under the mouse trick means big headaches for the IT department.

  2. Please let the unicorn horn become real!

    Some of my favorites have been done by Hulu, like this year's new trailers for spin-off shows. But I really wish the Firefly renewed jokes would end, they are messing with my dreams!

  3. This round-up is great! Some of these I never would have seen if I hadn't looked here. I SAW one of the IGGLES writing on random stuff, I was wondering what that was all about. So funny! I am now on my way to see what else Think Geek has to offer. They always have awesome/crazy/ridiculous stuff on April Fool's day.

  4. The Pokémon one was by far my favorite
    I hope they turn it into a real thing!

  5. ThinkGeek had an pineapple nerf that would shoot out the arrows like a grenade. It was awesome and I want it for real!!


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