10 April 2014

Tea, If You Please


"Hey Steph," some people have said. "Why did you name your blog Nerdjoy?"

There is one main reason: promoting positivity and a fulfilling life with a nerdy twist. We all need joys in life, so why not a nerdjoy? With that said, I thought doing some posts about the simple nerdy pleasures in life would be fun, starting with tea. Yes, tea.


I love loose leaf tea. The power is yours to make a super strong tea or just a light tea and I love the process of brewing the leaves. In fact, it's part of my work routine. I turn on the kettle, get the leaves ready, maybe add some rock sugar, and then get some work done or think up of ideas for the blog and everything feels all zen and wonderful.

Not to mention tea can be a great source of natural caffeine, it can help with stomach cramps, or even help you fall asleep. Plus loose leafs fill the room with an amazing aroma, especially the fruity ones with flowers added in.

You can add tea into just about all your nerdy hobbies, too. I'll read books on my iPad with a nice cup beside me or even play video-games with some tea brewing. But mostly because I'm trying to cut down on my soda intake.

My favorite tea is the chai blend from Teavana, and well, many other Teavana teas such as the Yin Zhen and the Korean green tea. There is also a tea lady who sells her own blends at the local Rennaisance Faire that I always pick up a jar or two from. Still have my minty tea (below, middle pic) from last time. So good.


Want to start buying loose leaf tea but don't have many options near you? There are brewmasters on Etsy! And they create nerdy inspired teas on top of that. Here are some to check out for yourself.

  • One of the most popular is BeastlyBeverages, which I want to order from soon. There are teas inspired by Sherlock, Loki, and the tenth Doctor, among others. They also come in cute packaging with hand drawn art of each character.
  • Another fandom tea seller, FridayTea does gourmet teas with names like Supersonic Blend and Lady Grey. The Doctor's blend (pictured below) looks absolutely delish, too. It's a flower blend, which are typically light and fruity.

  • Finally, there is CeleryMoonDesigns, that has Game of Thrones and Sherlock teas! They will also do customized orders, so if you have any preferences you can request them and get your very own tea made just for you.
I will warn that loose leaf is typically pricier than bagged tea, especially at places like Teavana. My collection took me awhile to acquire but it's well worth the money and great for your health.

The magic behind loose leaf blends is the steep time. You can actually burn your tea and get a slightly bitter taste, but most will have ideal steep times on the packaging. And if you want to get real scientific, certain boiling points for the water can affect the taste of your tea, too! I like over steeping my tea because I like really strong tasting ones, for example. I will also use water that's on the hotter side to achieve this.


Here's where the magic happens! Yup, that's a Hello Kitty kettle. :) It actually heats up quite quickly and is only about $20 to boot! You could brew some tea and make some ramen all at once if you're broke like me, haha.

What kinds of teas do you like? Have you ever tried loose leaf teas before?
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  1. I loveee looseleaf and bagged tea and have some fandom teas myself! I love Adagio's site - they have a whole section dedicated to nerdy, user-created tea blends. Yum. :)

    1. Adagio has so many amazing things, it's like being in a candy shop (online), haha.

  2. I love tea!! I have a cabinet just of tea, teapots, tea cups, tins, etc in my kitchen. I'm always on the look out for news to try. I love hitting up teavana and I need that HK kettle. Did you get it in the Sanrio store?

    1. Believe it or not, Target! When they're doing their college sales at the beginning and end of the summer is the best time to find the HK kitchen stuff. I have the microwave and toaster, too!!

  3. I like Loose leaf (but not the clean up) and bag too. Earl Grey, and, anything with lavender! is my favorite! That kettle is too cute, and I can go to Target tomorrow and get one!

  4. I love tea too! My favorites are mint, early grey, and oolong. I also collect vintage teacups :)

  5. I've actually never tried brewing my own tea, but recently I've tried a few while at Teavanna. Much better than tea bags from the grocery store. After reading this I'm much more willing to try it. Thanks for the neat recommendations! I love the HK kettle! And from Target too? That's awesome, I'll have to keep an eye out next time. :)

  6. I don't drink as much loose leaf tea as I would like to, but I did discover an awesome tea place recently! It has a little cafe in there with their tea (and it's all loose leaf!) I'm a huge Earl Grey fan!
    Drinking tea is definitely an "art time" aide as well. :)


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