27 April 2014

Sunday Level-Up! 4/7 - 4/27 2014

1 Hour of Python Everyday -- fail. Do'h! These past two three(!) weeks have been incredibly busy with work, which means I neglected my Python courses lately.

Send Out Pen Pal Letters -- success. All letters were sent to their respective peoples! They were a bit delayed as I wanted to add in more stickers and a "bigger" goodie for good measure, but, I'm being social and having fun with it!

Better Sleep Schedule -- sucess. Good news, guys! I've actually "reset" my internal clock and now I naturally wake up around 8:00 AM, although actually getting out of bed during that time is another feat. Also, we'll see how long this lasts.

More Yoga Everyday -- success. Yay, it feels great being able to do more yoga! Also, a studio is offering free lessons near me so I might have to check that out since I like doing yoga at a studio with a group.

Better Time Management -- in progress. I was doing so well but have been slacking off lately again and doing stuff at the very last minute. It's hard to break those types of habits, you know?

Finish Professional Website -- fail. Urgh, I swear I'll get it done very soon!

Get Camera Tripod -- One of the biggest reasons why I don't do more Style Inspiration posts is because my camera doesn't have a tripod and I have to lean it on stuff or rely on others to take photos for me. I know, I know! But I've been looking for a cheap tripod.

Less Crap Food, More Good Food -- If you know me, then you know I loooove junk food and greasy food. The greasier, the better. Well, pretty sure my bad eating habits are prolonging my cold and making me feel mehtacular. I've been incorporating more salads into my day already!

Set Up Sewing Area -- Still haven't touched my fabric I got months ago, ugh. Well, it's time to change that in the next two weeks!

Begin Filming Web Series -- I have an idea for a web series I really want to try but keep putting off, but no more! It's time to make things happen.


Lots of stuff has been going on in the last few weeks! Some of that includes...
  • I finally got my first ever Loot Crate! Shipping was a bit of a nightmare but everything was resolved.
  • Spent Easter with the fam and had a good time. I got the Game of Thrones video game and have been playing through it. Reminds me a lot of DnD character building.
  • Speaking of Game of Thrones, my friends and I had a GOT season premiere party and played the board game. Spoiler alert, it kinda sucks. :/
  • Celebrated my mom's birthday and saw the movie Noah with her and my little brother.
  • Also celebrated a friend's birthday and got him a dig and build dinosaur kit! Unfortunately the "packed sand" the plastic fossils came in was just a big ol' brick of stone and made a huge mess. Sorry Mike!
  • Got my hair re-did and trimmed about two inches off of the lion's mane. Not yet ready for a drastic cut, heh.
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  1. I'm actually in the process (or about to start is more like it) organizing my craft room. We just recently switched my craft room and our office, and there's still a bit that needs to be done to the office before I can get to work on my craft room. But if things go smoothly (knocks on wood), then I can start working on my craft room next week!

  2. My husband and I finally made the LootCrate leap!


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