06 April 2014

Sunday Level-Up! 3/24 - 4/6 2014

You know what's fun to read on other blogs? Weekly summaries and goal setting posts. Reading about people achieving their goals and set new ones is very inspiring and I like catching up with my favorite bloggers, which is why I've decided to do my own called Sunday Level-Up! Hopefully these posts inspire you, too!

1 Hour of Python Everyday -- in progress. I've slacked off a little bit because the coursework is getting harder in Codecademy, but, I can now make some mean clocks and calculators in Python!

Better Sleep Schedule -- fail. Urgh, this one is a toughie! I'm a total night owl and will just sleep in, regardless if an alarm is set. Do you guys have any tricks for getting out of bed in the morning and not just falling back asleep?

More Freelance Work -- success. I had hit a dry spell and was getting worried, but things have been picking up with current clients and I'm looking to expand with new clients as well. If you're wondering, I do freelance writing and marketing consultation (nudgewink if you're looking for that sort of thing).

15 Minutes of Yoga Everyday -- in progress. I'm mostly doing only about ten minutes of stretching/yoga right now but want to eventually get into the full swing of things like when I was going to a yoga class every week. I stopped for awhile because laziness.

Continue Learning Python -- This one is a given! I'll be trying to fit more Python learnin' in for the next two weeks.

Keep On Yoga Exercises -- Instead of only 10 minutes, I'll attempt the full 15 minutes every morning.

Tackle That Sleep Schedule -- By Grabthar's Hammer, I'll have a normal sleep cycle once again!

Finish New Professional Website -- I've been putting this off even though it's like 80% finished. I need to finish my new website for my freelance work and portfolio.

Send Out Pen Pal Letters -- I have a couple of letters to send out! This is a big step for me because I'm really introverted, shy, and typically a loner. Now do you think I'm cool? :P

Better Time Management -- It's time to curb my Twitter obsession and get more work done in a day! For realsies.

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  • I picked up a super cute Star Trek bow from Gwen and took that one picture with my hair as a beard.
  • Visited one of my favorite sushi joints in Michigan, Noble Fish! They also double up as an Asian grocery and I got some candy that totally looks like little Katamari.
  • Had some retail therapy and got a bunch of goodies, including my first ever Lush purchases. They are amazing, of course.
  • My mom's birthday was on Friday and I went to see Noah with her on Saturday!
  • And for Sunday I'm going to a Game of Thrones premiere party! Nothin' fancy, just a small gathering with friends and all of us have read the books so there's no spoilers in this house.
What goals are you looking to achieve? And what were you guys up to in the last two weeks?
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  1. YES! I hope I can send out your pen pal letter after the giveaway is over (because I am gonna ship everything out at once!) I just have to go pick up some more stuff to include! :D

  2. I really need to take up Yoga as well. I'm 22 weeks pregnant at the moment and I'm starting to get achy already! Thankfully, it feels like the kind of ache that a good stretch would get rid of, so I really should use that as motivation!

    I wish I could help in the sleep department, but I am exactly the same. If anyone suggests any great advice, please share! :P

    1. I have chronic pain and "flare ups" in my joints, doctors are thinking it's lupus (insert House MD joke here), and when I was doing weekly yoga sessions it helped IMMENSELY, so I'm sure it'll help with pregnancy aches and pains. :D

      There are also some classes where you keep a thought journal that you write down what you're thinking before or after a yoga session. Really helps you clear your mind.

  3. I NEED HBO!!!
    I like the Bow! I've been meaning to pick one up from Gwen's store!

  4. awesome post!!! I need to sort out my week! I'm so busy on one hand and then send my free time doing nothing. I need to figure it out! So excited for Game Of Thrones. I don't have access to whatever channel they show it on in Australia (probably HBO) so I will have to acquire it another way *shifty eyes*


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