21 April 2014

Steph's Curiosities & Nerdy Things -- #GeekSpace


Molly over at The Princess & The Geek thought up of this brilliant idea for a post: showing off our geeky spaces and shelves, where our prized nerdy possessions are kept while using the hashtag #GeekSpace! I think it's a real fun idea to see what kinds of collections other geeks have and of course to check out all the neat-o stuff.

I have one particular area in my room of geeky goodness and that is my media shelf. Books, games, movies, and trinkets all come together plus I have some wall art to show. Check it!




I've always had an interest in Asian culture and dragons. My geisha doll is from Japan while my other doll is Mulan and was a Christmas gift. I also have a couple mini pewter dragons, my Game of Thrones dragon vinyl toy, and one of my Dragon Ball Z soda cans!




Here are some of my books, including two gag gifts: novelizations of Batman Forever and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome! I love ripping on those movies all the time, so they're prized possessions. Also have a collector's edition of Hitchiker's Guide and one of my favorite Batman comic book series, Knightfall (when Bane breaks Batman's back).

And of course, another dragon! That's Toothless hiding in the back. :)




Finally, lots more candles and books and movies! Also, since I work in advertising and love old vintage ads, I have two from the 1960s that include my love of writing and cats.

I have an old geek shelf tour from when I first started blogging which includes my signed Star Trek Pez and few other things not mentioned in this updated one, too.

If you wanna show off your #GeekSpace, Molly will be listing the links and you can grab a button!
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  1. Loved this! Especially the Hitchhikers guide (complete) I've always wanted a copy! x

    1. Thanks! I probably should've dusted a little bit before taking pics, but hey, it gives the shelf some character. :P

  2. Love your #geekspace. I want your Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy book! I've been looking for one for ages! I have about 4 different copies of it!!! :) I love the old ads. -Molly

    1. It was a gift from about six years ago! Never realized how hard it is to find until recently actually--I just thought it was one of those fancy versions they sell around the holidays like they do with the Dune series.

  3. Toothless! And that Puss in Boots catfood ad is hilarious. Good stuff.

    1. I always get a good laugh out of that ad because of the cats faces, lol.

  4. Those vintage ads are everything! Love the idea of using them as wall art!

  5. Omg I have the same lotion candle (in a different scent)! Is it not magical?!

  6. Your nerd space is beautiful. I love the novel of Mad Max :)

  7. Your space so reminds me of what my room used to look like! I love it! I too collected Japanese dolls and had a bunch of stuff like that. Your collection is great! And your wall decor is pretty darn neat too! :)


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