04 April 2014

Nerdgasm: Nightwing Web Series, Victorian Hair Jewelry and more!

This week's Nerdgasm has a bit of awesomeness and weirdness, the best kind of combination. Enjoy!


Our cries have been answered! Well, sort of. This isn't an official series but a fan-created one that still looks very badass. A friend of mine (you know him as the barbarian in Edible Campaign) sent me the link to the video and I audibly hnng'd.

Look at this Victorian hair jewelry
Quick bit about myself: I like weird, old things such as the stuff you can find in dusty curio shops. This Beautylish article is about a Victorian trend of using human hair in jewelry pieces. I'd probably wear a hair necklace!

First new Trailer Park Boys video
Did you know the boys are coming back on Netflix with a brand new season? DECENT!


How to keep up with your fandoms
All of us can totally relate to this article by Miranda on A Bit of Geek about proper time management between life and binge watching our favorite TV shows or playing our favorite games for hours at a time.

Get your craft beer on!
Hooray craft beer! Fellow geeky lady, Amanda, talks about craft beer and the wonderful world it has to offer. Also, you can be part of the Craft Beer Nation!

Female Geek Bloggers Community
Are you a geek girl blogger? Looking for a super awesome community to be a part of? Then you totally need to join in on the Female Geek Bloggers G+ Community! I just recently joined and already love it.

Tech iGirl Blog
iGirl is all about girls in technology, from social media to computer programming and they're looking for contributors! I signed up and will be writing some posts soon enough.


What were some of your favorite geeky finds this week?
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  1. Oooh the Nightwing series!!! They had one for Stephanie Brown a while back but they got a cease and desist :( It was a sad day. Hopefully they don't do that with this series!

  2. I need to check out that Nightwing series and I just read the above comment about Stephanie Brown!! So sad I missed that!! I keep hearing about the Geek Girl Blog community. I should check it out and join!!

    And that gif! So funny!!

  3. If you haven't seen Oddities and Oddities: San Francisco, I highly recommend them! They're on Netflix, if you have that, and all about oddities like Victorian hair jewelry and medical quackery devices, taxidermy and much more.


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