25 April 2014

Nerdgasm: Interactive Westeros map, possible Cyborg cameo, and more!

Man oh man, what a lazy Friday! I've been pretty pooped more than usual lately, probably from the weather (many April showers) and lotsa working. The start-up I work for is in the middle of trying to raise over 200k in funding (and we're soooo close!) and I still have a build up of freelance work to get through. Well, thankfully it's the weekend and that means another Nerdgasm!

Shh, this is totally newsworthy. Want to see each characters' journey on an actual interactive map of Westeros? Of course you do. WARNING: DOES CONTAIN BOOK SPOILERS!

Going to the library on a frequent basis boosts up happiness levels, studies show. It's such an increase that it's on par of a pay rise at work for most individuals!

Need a little pick-me-up this Friday? Why not watch the incredibly cute livestream for the Purina Cat Cafe? Or, you know, if you can't find anything on TV or just feel like not doing anything productive today.

Man, this cast list keeps getting bigger and bigger! Apparently Cyborg might make a cameo in the Batman vs. Superman movie along with Wonder Woman. Since they're filming in various locations around Detroit, I'm gonna try to sneak some peeks at the set and try to see what's going on.


I will admit the first thing that attracted me to this article was the cat keyboard. I love playing with those at Target, but this was also a very poignant write up that touches base on the stupidity that is "fake geek girls."

Have you joined in on the geek space sharing fun? If not, you can still add yours! I talked about it in a previous post and shared my own geeky area.

A Very Sweet Blog by Kim is so pretty and girly and I absolutely loved the swatch photos for this gorgeous nail polish inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

Gwen of A Geek And Her Oven does great reviews of all sorts of toy collections, but my favorites are the Monster High dolls. They are a serious guilty pleasure of mine because of the fashion and makeup.

I've heard of the Barkbox but I haven't heard of the Pet Box! Lauren of Pink on the Cheek did a great review with her pup Mochi. Does anyone know if they have a subscription box specifically for cat ladies?


What have been your favorite finds this week?
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  1. I hope in Justice League (whenever that happens) we have John Stewart. He and Kyle Raynor (who was my total comic book crush when I was little) were my faves.

  2. OMG. That bumber cars grand melee looks incredibly fun. Or, maybe that's just me.


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