18 April 2014

Nerdgasm: Bob's Burgers recipes, full SNICK broadcast, and more!

A bit of a short Nerdgasm this week, let's blame it on my cold. Enjoy!


Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Trailer.
I'm only going to get worse with shoving OITNB into Nerdgasm posts as the premiere gets closer. Sorry not sorry.

Breaking: You Can Watch SNICK. All of it.
Try not to explode from the nostalgia, guys! You can now watch an entire SNICK broadcast on YouTube. Right now. I'll let you grab the fruit roll ups and soda.

A ninja that slays other ninas--NINJA SLAYER!
This is a hilarious satire on America's deep and interesting love affair with ninja from Japan's point of view. Check out the trailer!


Feast of Westeros, via That's Nerdalicious
Oh hey, wanna host your own Game of Thrones viewing party and need some recipes inspired by Westeros tastes? Then check out this entire FEAST! Amazing.

Geek Inspired Fascinators, via The Geek Forge
These are so cute! I really want to make one because having fancy hair accessories is a must, don't you agree?

Bob's Burgers Burger Recipe Tumblr, via The Bob's Burgers Experiment
C'mon, we've all tried making one of the burgers from Bob's Burgers, don't deny it. I've made a few (If Looks Could Kale and These Collards Don't Run). This guy will help you make your own at home, or you can just look at the wonderful food porn.

Let's Play RimWorld, via Renwold Plays
Looking for a new Let's Player to watch? My best friend is diving onto the scene and has been playing RimWorld and has a new series up for FTL. His LP video style is similar to Sips from Yogscast. Do check out his videos!

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  1. I'm so excited about the new series of Orange Is The New Black! I pretty much watched the whole first series in one night. I can't wait!!
    Also love the Bobs Burger recipe tumblr. I've make the New Bacon-ings... it was YUMMO!

  2. I am so keen for Orange is the new black it's not even funny. YAY

  3. I think I lost all train of thought at SNICK!!!!
    Thank you!


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