28 April 2014

Dreamer Blogger, Future Adventurer Tag!

Lots of tags and link-ups this week, so get ready for that! It's very exciting because I love discovering new blogs through them and finding out new things about current blogging friends. :) This one I was tagged by Usagi In Wonderland and it's all about traveling.

Here are the rules:
  • Pick four places you want to travel to
  • Explain why you want to travel there
  • Pick a favorite thing about that place
  • Tag four other bloggers!
1. Shanghai, China
Why: I took Chinese (Mandarin) as my language in college and my teacher was from Shanghai. She said I'd love it there because of the shopping, food, and things to do. She also mentioned my tone in Chinese is most closely related to Shanghai dialect. I also still use Chinese when I visit my favorite local Asian grocery, bakery, and hole-in-the-wall restaurant and love the language.

Favorite Thing: The food! I could eat Chinese food for the rest of my life, both traditional and Americanized. Also, Shanghai is known as the pearl of China, this epicenter for everything cultural and happenin' there.

2. Temple of Hatshepsut, Egypt
Why: When I first watched the reboot of The Mummy starring Brendan Fraser, I became obsessed with ancient Egypt. However, my favorite ruler from ancient Egypt was Hatshepsut because she was one of the first noted woman rulers of the ancient world who had a substantial impact on history. I'd also like to visit many other sites in Egypt, but this would be my first before anything else.

Favorite Thing: It's one of the most gorgeous temples in Egypt, even if it had the unfortunate happen and future rulers tried to literally erase Hatshepsut from history by destroying and defacing statues of her.

3. United Kingdom
Why: The rich history and, of course, the idyllic countryside and quiet fishing villages. While I do enjoy modernized cities, I also love visiting towns that have been around for hundreds (or thousands!) of years and look like they haven't changed. Plus, castles!
Favorite Thing: Does British television and literature count?! EDIT: Also, see castles explanation. :P

4. Portugal
Why: My dad's side of the family are all from Portugal with my dad being the first one born here in the United States. I believe I still have family who live in the "mother country," but it's kind of difficult to find out as Medeiros is a very common surname and I rarely talk to my dad nowadays.

Favorite Thing: Nice weather and gorgeous landscapes next to the ocean. I love seaside towns and cities like the one in the pic. Wonderful!

Since I'm a little late to this tag (sorry about that!), I'm making this tag an open invitation for anyone who reads my blog! Join in on the traveling fun. :)
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  1. What great places to go! I'm always dreaming of places I'd love to visit outside of the U.S., and that's a long list since I've barely been across the border. Haha!

  2. All of these places seem lovely! I've been to the UK once and it was amazing! I loved both travelling through the countryside and the bustle of London.


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