02 April 2014

Calling All Guest Bloggers! Nerdjoy Is Looking For You!

Oh look, there's a new link on the top navigation bar! What magic does it hold? The magic of guest blogging, of course.
Nerdjoy is open to guest blogging submissions and I will be sending out emails to fellow bloggers, social media buddies, and friends about being interviewed for a series I've been brewing up.

The requirements for guest blogging are straightforward: the post needs to be geeky AND/OR it should focus on women in geekdom in a positive way. That's all I ask, which isn't that much, right?

If you're interested in guest blogging, just drop me an email at stephymercedes@gmail.com or drop by on Twitter or Facebook. :)

P.S. -- I still need to get around to making a blog button to do more button swaps because I know some of you have asked. x_x I apologize.

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1 comment:

  1. Groovy! I'm excited about this!
    (And yeah: I totally need a button!)


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