02 April 2014

Amazing Game of Thrones Jewelry

Oh right, I said I was going to be doing Game of Thrones posts in honor of the upcoming new season.

Well, unfortunately, life didn't want any part of that and decided that a ton of client work all the sudden is much better. I'm not complaining, I've been having a dry spell with work lately and the extra money is much appreciated. But I didn't want to leave you lovelies hangin', so I did a search on some amazing, awesome handmade Game of Thrones jewelry you can own right now.

Valar Morghulis Wrist Cuff, Off The Cuff Quotes
Most of the cuffs in this Etsy shop are amazing, but I think this one is very appropriate for the upcoming new season.

Stark & Targaryen Rings, BijouxMalou
I already have a piece of Daenerys bling from Bijoux that I reviewed when I first started blogging and she is still one of my favorite sources of original, handmade Game of Thrones jewelry.

Sunspear Earrings, Chickatey
House Martell is my favorite major house in Westeros and S4 is their big reveal! TV fans will soon understand the epicness that is the Martell's.

House Arryn Wire Wrap Pendant, Rachael's Wire Garden
It was so hard to pick only one from her storefront because this lady is immensely talented and has some of the most gorgeous wire wrap tree pendants I've ever seen! This is another appropriate piece for the new season.

The North Remembers Necklace, The Pendantry
The North does indeed remember and they will have their vengeance. ;)

The Iron Throne Necklace, TreasureForTributes
How adorable is this itty bitty Iron Throne? Now you can have your very own without having to go to war with the Seven Kingdoms!

Which ones are your favorite? I honestly can't decide, I want all of it in my life. <3

And don't forget, I'm accepting guest bloggers on Nerdjoy now!

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  1. I'm looking forward to this season SOOOOOO much! Its crazy! I have tried to read the books; but book two was so...not for me?
    I need to try again with book three though as I've heard since I watch the show I should be OK (is this true? Or do I have to trudge through 2?)
    Excited about the Martells and what they will bring. (I love D though...dragons are so effing cool).
    Have you seen School of Thrones? I posted them on my Monday post! Its hilarious! Mean girls-meets GoT!

    1. You'll be fine if you skip out on book two, it can be a little wonky at times because it's honestly just setting everything up for the next book. A Storm of Swords, book three, was my absolute favorite in the entire series because the stakes just get higher and higher and then suddenly the book ends on a BIG cliffhanger!

      And YES, I love School of Thrones!! I actually did a "hipster" Melisandre costume for Halloween last year inspired by the show, haha.

  2. I love that cuff!!! *favorited* I'm so stoked for Sunday!

    1. Me too, I want it so bad! And yeeesss, been bouncing off the walls in anticipation for Sunday. D:


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