27 March 2014

Why The Her Universe Geek Couture Fashion Show Matters

If you haven't heard already, San Diego Comic Con is going to have its first ever geek inspired couture fashion show, brought to you by the lovely Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe. Ashley is calling all geeks who have a penchant for fashion to compete with one another as well as showing off their fandom couture to the world.

This is important, guys. Trust me.

My Polyvore account should be a great indicator of why I fully support this becoming a thing not only at SDCC but at other major Comic Cons and other conventions in general. For the longest time nerds and geeks have been the butt end of jokes regarding fashion sense. Most stereotypes conjure up images of pocket protectors, ill-fitted pants, plaid button down tops, suspenders, or over sized t-shirts. You know, Moss from IT Crowd.

Well, the nerds I know dress sharp and there are all sorts of communities already out there such as Cosplay Couture, Fandom Fashion, and Everyday Cosplay. Yeah, no pocket protectors in sight.

There is a huge and constantly growing community of people who create amazing fashion that pays homage to their geeky tendencies. But on this scale? As in, one of the biggest Comic Cons around? This is a great opportunity for many reasons.
Welcoming all sizes and shapes 
This can create an even bigger fashion community that welcomes all sizes and shapes, not just starving model size. I even say this as a person who has been petite all of her life, but I believe in the manta of if you're healthy and happy, your size shouldn't matter.
Another tribe to be proud of
The geek community hosts all sorts of groups, or tribes if you want to get poetic. If you have a fandom, you're going to find people like you and in turn friends that you actually want to hang out with! This is another way for geeks to come together in an awesome community environment.
Better geek fashion opportunities
Don't get me wrong, I love me some geeky t-shirts and have a sizable collection but I also love all kinds of fashion. Her Universe has the right idea of offering several styles like dresses, skirts, and you can find many indie designers who offer the same. The fashion show can create an opportunity for a "trickle down" effect in geek fashion that is even more widely accepted. It can start with high fashion and then the ideas are repurposed for everyday wear that can be sold on geek fashion websites or (fingers crossed) major retail stores.

Hey, geeks are fashionable now! 
Showing others that the stereotypes aren't true anymore--geeks can be fashionable too, get over it!

You can find more info about the fashion show contest at the Her Universe website.

I have high hopes for this fashion show and I know many others do, too. What about you? What do you think about the Her Universe SDCC fashion show?

And P.S. -- Can we please get something similar at Motor City Comic Con ASAP?!

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  1. I love your first reason: All shapes and sizes!!! That NEEDS to be a big factor in all of this!
    *high fives*


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