26 March 2014

Steven Universe Star Nails

This is the last post in my Steven Universe nail art series, but certainly not least! These nails are inspired by Steven himself, our main character and man of mischief on the show.

These nails feature a yellow star in order to represent Steven's iconic shirt he wears and are pretty simple to do. I like simple nail art, what can I say?

You will need:
Red nail polish
Yellow nail polish
Clear top coat
Star stickers
Masking tape with a star hole punch

First off, the idea to use a star shaped hole punch and masking tape comes from the super awesome blog Chalkboard Nails. Or, you can just use small star stickers as a template or as the star itself. Just remember to get yellow ones or make sure you can paint them before putting them on!

Step 1. Just like the Garnet nails, paint all of your nails with the red nail polish. Let dry.

Step 2. Use your small star stickers and either paint them yellow (this is what I did) before applying or use small yellow stickers as is. Put on as many as you like! I decided to do a minimal look.

Step 3. Put on that top coat and your finished!


I'm thinking of doing a makeup/fashion series on Rose Quartz (Steven's mom) and the fusion between Amethyst and Pearl called Opal! Would you guys be interested in something like that? Let me know. :)
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  1. These are awesome! I'm looking forward to your next nail set!

  2. I just discovered the awesomness that are nail stickers. :) (p.s. love your header!)

  3. makes me wish I could stop biting my nails, so I can rock these awesome nails!!!


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