05 March 2014

Steven Universe Pearl Ombre Nails

"We are the crystal gems, we'll always save the day!" If you've been liking the show Steven Universe, then you're going to love these nails inspired by Pearl!

A few monthly favorites ago, I talked about how I was really digging this new Cartoon Network show called Steven Universe. It is by Rebecca Sugar, the first ever female creator and showrunner for a Cartoon Network program! I think it's one of the best shows on Cartoon Network right now.

The show revolves around the lives of the Crystal Gems, a group of butt-kicking heroines named Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl. There used to be another Crystal Gem named Rose but she used her lifeforce to bring Steven into the world, her son, who now possesses her powers. He's still learning the ropes and goes on adventures with the girls, though they're usually saving him from peril.

Steven Universe has a really cool art style that takes inspiration from magical girl anime, plus the music is really catchy. But before I gush even more about this show, let's get to the tutorial.

All throughout the month of March I'm going to be doing nails inspired by the Crystal Gems. Here's a tutorial on Pearl to start it off!

You will need:
Pastel nail polishes
White nail polish
Top coat
Pearl half-beads
Makeup sponge
Nail polish remover


Step 1. You will want a solid white base on your nails. If needed, apply two coats. Let dry completely.

Step 2. Okay, the fun part! Taking your makeup sponge, you will want to coat one end with two to three light pastel green and pink colors. Apply nail polish liberally to the sponge (it's going to try to soak up the color after all!), then start lightly dabbing the sponge on your nails. Don't worry about getting it on your skin at this point.



Step 3. While your index finger is still semi-wet, take your tweezers and place the pearl half-bead right near the top. Make sure it's where you want it and use the clear top coat to secure it with a coat or two. Do the rest of your nails in the top coat as well.

Step 4. Once everything has dried, you can start using a Q-tip with nail polish remover to get the excess nail polish off and clean everything up!


Ta-da! Your very own Steven Universe Pearl inspired nails. These are mine before I took a Q-tip and and cleaned up around the edges, but I absolutely love how they turned out. 

Stay tuned next week for the next Crystal Gem being nailed! (See what I did there?).


  1. I have ALWAYS wondered how ombre nails happened..

    Now I know. These are amazing.

    1. It's a teensy bit harder than it looks (I tried all sorts of sponges but the best are makeup applicators or foundation sponges cut to size). Q-tips are AWFUL and were recommended by this one blog, ugh, just made the design look gross.

  2. I'm gonna have to try this it looks really cool! :)

    1. It looks a lot more pastel-y in real life! They were pretty fun to make, like their own craft project haha.

  3. Oh my gosh it's amazing ! I love this ! Great job *0*


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