12 March 2014

Steven Universe Amethyst "Messy" Half-Moon Nails

The show Steven Universe is full of gorgeous color and interesting characters, one of them being Amethyst! In this second part of my Steven Universe nail art series, I'm going to teach you how to create super easy half-moon "messy" manicure nails.

While Pearl's nail art look was all about being dainty and pretty, Amethyst's look is about looking "messy." It's okay to let imperfections slip through in this tutorial because Amethyst is a care-free girlie and I think we can all appreciate that!

I liked doing this one a lot because I'm already messy when it comes to painting my nails (shaky hands--it's good I dropped out of pre-med) and this tutorial is much easier than Pearl's ombre nails.

You will need:
Pastel purple nail polish
Matte dark purple polish
Purple glitter/gems
Glitter polish
Clear top coat

Step 1. Apply the pastel purple nail polish as a base on all of your nails. Depending on the type, you will probably need to do an extra coat or two. Let dry.

Step 2. Dab a bit of the dark purple nail polish at the base of your nail to make a bit of a "half-moon" blob shape. We don't want it to be too symmetrical or clean. Let it be uneven! Next, start dabbing the glitter polish on top of the dark purple.

Step 3. Once you get to your thumb nail, you will want to take your itty bitty purple gems (or glitter) and start adding them to the half-moon. I put in one but this is all up to you! Apply your top coat and you're done.

Two down, two more to go! Which character will I be doing next week? You'll just have to wait and see next week. :)


  1. I have that Sally Hansen extreme wear glitter polish! I am in love with it!

    1. Me too! I'm a big fan of Sally Hansen. My favorite is the complete salon manicure polishes. Have either of you tried those?

    2. I THINK I have one or two somewhere around here since I'm pretty much a Sally Hansen girl for life, haha. Essie and the others are nice too but can be so expensive! The F21 polishes aren't actually that bad, either (and like $2)


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