14 March 2014

Nerdgasm: Poledancing robots, OITNB sneak peek, plus more!

Quick, unrelated question: do kittens have a phase similar to the "Terrible Two's"? Bear is my youngest cat, about four to five months old, and he is driving me insaaaane. Maybe it's on top of yet another six inches of snow being dumped on southeast Michigan and life stress, but seriously, Bear has been a pain in my butt lately. A fluffy, cuddly pain.

Anyway, you know what day it is and that means this week's Nerdgasm is finally here! Enjoy!

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If that above gif doesn't disturb you, then you'll probably survive in the robot uprising. These are some robots poledancing at the CeBIT tech conference in Germany. Extra creepy factor: you can buy one for a cool $40,000.

Hey, fellow OITNB fans, here are some teaser images from season two! The show returns to Netflix this summer and I cannot wait. I might just do another binge marathon to get ready, or you know, just because.

Instead of showing terribad monster movies, WWE(???), and other random crap, SyFy is looking to get back to its roots. But don't get too serious, guys! I love me some campy sci-fi like Lexx and Mystery Science Theater 3,000. Also, I actually really enjoy Heroes of Cosplay. I'll even admit that on the Internet where nothing can be deleted.

We're getting closer to Mass Effect wearable technology! Wearing this ring on your thumb allows you to make the rest of your fingers and palm a digital interface. As the geniuses behind Fin say, they want to make the interface feel as organic as possible.

Around the Blogosphere

DIY Personalized Life Planner, via Typhanie Peterson
If you read my blog post yesterday, then you know I'm kicking my butt into gear to make positive change in my life. Typhanie Peterson has a great DIY life planner and printables for others who want to make changes in their lives, too.

Wednesday Workout Cosplay: Ariel (The Little Mermaid), via Joie Fatale/Confessions of a Book Pimp
From workout clothes to workout music, Joie has got you covered on everything The Little Mermaid for your gym adventures! I'm really liking those toe shoes because mine are just black and boring, but I'll probably be rocking out to Under The Sea while doing yoga.

Guest Post: A Nerdy Guide to Feeling Fabulous, via Being Geek Chic
Talk about great timing with this post! Guest poster Gemma Collier talks about shooing away self-doubt, loving oneself, and all in a nerdy fashion on Being Geek Chic. Really loved this post.

What's been your favorite nerdgasms this week?

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