07 March 2014

Nerdgasm: Jurassic Systems, Selphie Selfie, and lots o' kawaii

Nerdgasm Nerd Allure

Holy week ending at the speed of light, Batman! It's already Friday again and that means another Nerdgasm to delight and entertain you guys. Enjoy!  

Around the Web

Hey, fellow computer and Jurassic Park geeks, ever wanted to pretend you're Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park? Well, now you can with this super amazing Jurassic Systems simulator!

Julia, also known as nailartistrylove on Instagram, did the amazing Dexter's Laboratory nails linked above. She also has done Powerpuff Girls and many gorgeous original designs. Check out her profile!

Remember Selphie from Final Fantasy 8? If not, here's some fanart of Selphie doing a selfie. #Meta. Also, who else wants her moogle phone?!

March 8 marks International Women's Day and HuffPost did a great write-up on women in business and in STEM as well as for all of womankind. Representation of women in STEM and business is very dear to me, so I just had to include this link.

For all of you minimalists out there, check out this brilliant animation that turns the Game of Thrones title opener into a clean and fresh new look. Now this makes me wonder what Game of Thrones would look like animated.

Around the Blogosphere

I know a lot of you guys do LootCrate, but have you heard of the KawaiiBox? Travis, over at Travis The Grimm, does a super kawaii unboxing that has pretty much convinced me to try out next month's KawaiiBox.

Who doesn't love Cazz, the awesome lady behind Nerd Burger? She has this super rad thrift haul that includes some really good finds that will probably make you jealous or try thrifting for yourself.

Muse of Musings of a Muse did an overview of the really neat makeup kit that Sephora did for Divergent. I've never read the books before but I do love their color choices in this super palette.

If you're not following Kaylah of The Dainty Squid, then you probably should right now! Here's her collections of teeth, animal skulls, butterflies, and other curious things. I'm a sucker for shows like Oddities and love exploring curio shops.

What have been your favorite finds this week?

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