28 March 2014

Haul! Love Culture, F21, Hot Topic, Target

So, what started out as a hunt for a top for my cyberpunk cosplay turned into retail therapy. I did get what I originally wanted, though. Does that mean mission accomplished? I think so!

I shopped around Target, Forever21, Love Culture, and Hot Topic. Practically everyone is having a huge sale right now and I am the sale queen, so yeah, couldn't resist. Here is my haul!

The local Forever21 is having a 30% off sale on all jewelry, so I picked up two statement pieces that I absolutely fell in love with. The mint necklace is going to be perfect for spring outfits.

haul aladdin and tanktop

The Aladdin t-shirt is from Hot Topic and the fast food tank top I got at Love Culture. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie of ALL TIME. Well, okay, it's a tie between Aladdin and Mulan but I already have a Mulan shirt!

Gundam leggings 2
gundam leggings upclose

I also got these awesome robot leggings from Love Culture! They totally look like Gundams to me, but I guess they could also be considered Transformers? What do you think?

love culture flower headband

Another Love Culture purchase! This flower headband is going to be used in a Game of Thrones inspired outfit for next week. :)

the little mermaid sweatshirt

You can get a bunch of cool Disney stuff at Target right now, like this adorable Little Mermaid sweatshirt! They also have Bambi and even some Marvel and Star Wars stuff although they didn't have those in my size.

game of thrones blind bag box game of thrones blind bag game of thrones blind bag dragon

I couldn't resist picking up a Game of Thrones blind bag vinyl toy while at Hot Topic and much to my surprise I got one of Dany's dragons! This little guy is Viserion.

I didn't take a picture of the top I got for my cosplay as I'll be modifying it and want it to be a surprise. ;)

Also, mini rant: my local Hot Topic is kinda sucky. They had this giant poster for Game of Thrones but no Game of Thrones stuff besides the vinyl blind bags. And I've noticed the online sales are so much better than the offline ones. Might stick to online shopping with HT. Have you had similar problems?

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  1. Sooo...I'll be borrowing those necklaces and Aladdin shirt! Yeah? LOL

  2. My only gripe with Hot Topic is they run REALLY small. An XL there is like..still child size (at least in the womens stuff).

    1. Yeah, noticed that some of their dresses and skirts looked soooo small--like, only a 11 year old could fit into that. Wtf?!

  3. Cool on the dragon! And my local Target does not seem to carry any of this awesome disney stuff people keep finding.

    1. My Target JUST got some of the Disney stuff, but none of the cool leggings everybody has been picking up. Only the sweatshirts. ;_; One day...

  4. Nice statement necklaces! I love F21's jewelry and accessories. I always find the cutest, inexpensive stuff!

  5. I love those necklaces! I need to get down to F21!! I love Little Mermaid..also need to head to Target. Take all my money!!

    1. This is exactly what I was saying while shopping! Too many awesome things out right now!

  6. I really like the Aladdin shirt and the fast food tank! Cool leggings! :)

  7. My "City" Target sucks so much! I wanted The Little Mermaid leggings I kept seeing folks buy and they never got anything. The only geeky shirts they carry are for Men/Boys. The women/girls dept gets shafted!!

    My local Hot Topic closed down so that leaves me with just their site but I totes agree with you, they have better sales online! That Game of Throne dragon is so cute! I don't watch the show ( I should) but I love the dragons. And why is there no Love Culture where I live?? I want those leggings.


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