24 March 2014

Edible Campaign: Entering Short Dead's Swamp

The party, ever in the pursuit of alcohol and possible fortune, find themselves traveling to a well known smuggler's den called Short Dead's Swamp. There is promise of unearthing treasure and they also discover a royal ordinance has been put out that says to burn the swamp to the ground in order to deter further shady business. It's time to investigate!

Our barbarian, monk, and fighter are on their own today as the cleric takes a much needed vacation this week. But, will the party be able to survive without their healer?


The swamp has a unique odor (grape jelly) and the waters are known to be highly poisonous if it comes into contact with skin. The barbarian steps forward in order to check for any traps and evades two giant boulders in time that were rigged to kill anybody brave dumb enough to enter Short Dead's Swamp. Soon, the party discovers that the entire swamp is rigged with traps and need to stay alert to avoid bad things, like death.


Throwing one of the boulders in front of them, the barbarian triggers another trap that brings forth lesser bog beasts. The beasts wily, soulless eyes leer on as the party gets an upper hand and can attack first.




"He's staring right at me, isn't he?"

Fortunately, the lesser bog beasts are vanquished easily. Now that most of the swamp has been cleared of baddies and most traps, the party looks for more clues about this treasure and any other surprises.

What? What are these things? Turns out there are random crystals lodged in the swamp and they start glowing when you hit them, courtesy of our monk testing these sort of things out. The crystals also hum and when humming in unison, clear the way ahead as well as awaken the bog itself.


After an awkward conversation with the bog being because none of the adventurers were too great at persuasion or diplomacy since they left that to the cleric, its tentacle-y eminence told the adventurers they must pass a test in order to get the riches they were looking for. And with that, the boss appeared!



Terrifying, isn't it? The greater bog beast, with its sharp fangs and beady eyes, lurched forward as the party prepared itself for battle. The half-elf fighter (my character) laced her arrows and sword with the mystic sap from a previous adventure and the barbarian went into rage mode while also prepping his weapon with that dangerous sap.

Luck was on the party's side thankfully and the greater bog beast was taken down. The bog spewed out its treasures, but, there was still one more task the party could complete: razing the bog to the ground.

Unfortunately, this is where the party messed up a teensy bit. All of the swamp-y goodness was actually highly flammable and the ordinance did specify that the swamp needed to be burned in order to be destroyed.

In a fiery blaze, our dauntless barbarian and monk were nearly singed to a crisp while the blast rocketed the half-elf fighter across the swamp. The party did survive, but barely.


This week's Edible Campaign featured short bread, grape jelly, all of the chocolate, peanut butter bars, Twizzlers, Reese's Easter eggs, and edible googly eyes. All of it was nom-tastic.

So, this might be the last Edible Campaign for awhile as all of us who play are huge Game of Thrones fans and will be watching that on Sundays. Either tabletop will be rescheduled or reconvene after GOT, but either way I'll let you guys know!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! :) I was a little worried about this one when our cleric said he couldn't make it out last night, thought we'd kill off these characters for sure, haha.

  2. These campaigns are awesome!!! I wish my friends who was playing with would do it this way!
    ~Joie Fatale

    1. It is a lot to plan in advance, although tear down of a map is real fun because you get to eat it afterward (and eat the enemies you slay!).

  3. Those eyes are killing me! :D

    1. Yeeesss, haha. It was SO hard to take the enemies seriously and all of us were giggling like little girls.


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