04 March 2014

Edible Campaign: Attack On Oero

Edible Campaign is back! The group has found themselves in a very small town with simple folk, but all of the townspeople seem to be in hiding--except for the lonely barkeep and town drunk in the small and modest inn.

This week's Edible Campaign was a short one with only one giant boss. We were busy watching the Oscars together and asking, "Who's that person?!" But anywho, onward to the campaign.

Our party of four, ever in the pursuit of cheap taverns, happenstance across a very small inn with a barkeep who claims the town is constantly harassed by something ... big. My half-elf warrior, Leafwit, intimidated the barkeep enough to get some more information and he claimed it always has been this way and that is why the town was so desolate this eve.


"But if you happen to slay the beast," said the barkeep. "Our humble town will forever be in your debt and we shall grant any of your requests."

Taking up this barkeep on his lofty offer, our cleric requested to be gifted the sun afterward. The barkeep agreed. Our party set out to find the titan.

We're talking Shadow of the Colossus level of big, apparently. The party started to make their way into the streets of the town in order to try and lure out the titan and our barbarian decided to make a trap. Unfortunately he was only able to make a small mouse trap out of a spoon and some chalk.




Finally the giant monster appeared! The titan, at 90 feet tall, made the party look puny. Our monk and barbarian went to work on its feet while my warrior climbed up on a rooftop (a jar of salsa nearby) and started slinging arrows with her short bow as our cleric kept the party healed.

But, oh, idea alert! Our cleric, barbarian, and monk used that mystical sap we got from the previous campaign in the snowy forest to make their weapons poison-tipped and really hack away at the monstrosity.


Edible Campaign Titan Fall

The titan was conquered, although we had to tug out our cleric from underneath him (and the titan did vomit on some of the party--not me, though!). When we arrived back into town the townspeople threw a parade just for us! Unfortunately, they couldn't reward our cleric with the sun but we all got some pretty nice loot out of the deal.

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