13 March 2014

Changing Who You Are

Tidying up my home office the other day, I dusted off my old iPad 2. The thing might as well be considered obsolete, like a floppy drive, as far as techies would be concerned but it's my dedicated e-reader. Except it hasn't been charged in months with unfinished books left in digital limbo. I rummaged for its charger and decided to plug it in.

One book I was in the middle of finishing was Chris Hardwick's The Nerdist Way, which is part self-help book, part memoir, part comedy writing. I decided to finish it after brewing up some tea. I only had one more chapter left, on time management and getting things done, which felt quite ironic.

I've thoroughly enjoyed blogging and meeting fellow bloggers, but I've also felt like I hit that plateau many new bloggers get to. Also, I'm in the middle of a freelance career change, trying to get the ball rolling on a web series idea, and generally just trying to progress to be a better person. This is a central theme in The Nerdist Way and guess you could say that last chapter really kicked me in the ass to start doing rather than watching and waiting.

So, what does all this mean? Well, I've been wanting to change gears a little bit on the blog but felt a little stuck. I've also recently finished Sarah's of xoSarah ebook How To Double Your Traffic In 90 Days (Or Less!), which I highly recommend if you're looking to find your voice, niche, and community as a blogger.

Here's what it is:
  • While I'm a somewhat private person online, I do want to share more of what I do, my nerdy adventures, and generally being a bit more personable here on the blog. :)
  • I have a couple features I want to try out involving photo essays and photojournalism, but I promise they ALL have a nerdy theme!
  • Blogging consistently Monday through Friday, plus a small post every other Sunday. Really want to commit to this.
  • And finally, changing the name of the blog! Some of you may have noticed that I changed my handle on Instagram from my freelance writing business (Writerary) to nerdjoy. I will be switching over to that name but don't worry, I won't be changing blogging platforms or anything so you don't have to resubscribe.
For the longest time, my freelance writing has defined me and now I'm completely burnt out on it. Don't get me wrong, I've worked with some amazing companies and people. But Hardwick talks about how we have "satellites" that define us as a person in our head--but you know, not literally. Everyone has a couple different images swirling around in their mind that we know defines us and writing is only one of many for me. I'm also a nerd first and foremost. It's time I explored more of that.

A fellow blogger has also been inspiration for this spur in change. You probably know her as Gwen from A Geek And Her Oven. If not, well, you should probably check out her blog, like, now. That lady is ON IT when it comes to trying new things and setting goals. Hi, Gwen! Hopefully that doesn't come off as creepy. [anxiety intensifies].

Changing who you are, for the better.

I have bigger plans for this blog that I want to see achieved in some capacity in the future because I want to help others and make them feel welcomed in a great community. But that also means reaching out and asking for help or collaborating with others, which I'm notoriously bad at. Baby steps, right?

Anywho, with all of that said, also wanted to mention that I want to start writing letters to YOU! Yeah, you! While I did sign up for International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club, I've also met wonderful ladies who would hopefully like to swap letters. I even have Lisa Frank stickers!!! (This is where I waggle my eyebrows to sweeten the deal).

If you're interested in swapping letters and being pen pals, drop me a line at stephymercedes[at]gmail.com!

Thanks for sticking with that text wall, there. Here's a picture of Bear and Owen cuddling.


  1. Is the book worth reading? Sometimes I get books like these and I feel as if I could have written it myself. I've hit a plateau in a way as well, I'm steady on my viewership but it isn't going up, better than going down I suppose. I'm a private person too, part of why I'm hesitant to post pics of myself, but I think that's part of the deal in some way. What's the link to the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club?

    1. I really enjoyed the book! Hardwick is pretty funny and honest about the whole "self-help" writing thing (he says he's not a big fan of those type of books), but he has really good advice/resources. Here's the link to IGGPPC: http://www.geekgirlpenpals.com/ There are different times when you can sign up to be paired with a pen pal, but you can still sign up and talk on their forums and do gift exchanges and stuff. :)

  2. I was wondering what was with the name change! I dig it! I'm totally down with swapping letters, so I'll be dropping you a line. :)

    1. Yeah, the name Nerd Allure was meant as a placeholder until I could think up of something a bit more witty but I kept with it because naming blogs is really hard! But then suddenly in the shower it finally came to me. Hooray for shower ideas! And thank you, pretty lady! I'll be sure to include Lisa Frank goodness!


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