20 February 2014

Style Inspiration: Jazzpunk

Espionage! Spy vs. spy! Retro! Jazzpunk is a hilarious and innovative game by Necrophone Games and if you haven't played it yet, then download it immediately! Of course, I was totally inspired by the unique art style of Jazzpunk and decided to do a Style Inspiration for it.

Jazzpunk is set in an alternate Cold War reality that involves sleuth-y trenchcoats, 1960s mod fashion, and cereal called Komrad Krunch. Also, with these winter blues it's a nice change to see all of the bright colors.

trenchcoat : H&M
top : ann taylor loft
pants : thrifted
shoes : vintage
handbag : mossimo
necklace : DIY (check out the tutorial here!)

I wanted to do outside shots today, but unfortunately, the weather gods decided that Michigan needed more freezing rain and snow instead. Can't you tell I'm pretty bummed out while taking the pictures?
 I did mix patterns in an outfit finally! The pants are pinstripe while the top has some retro block patterns going on.

Let's hope this icky weather goes away soon.


  1. Oooh! What fun looks. Will definitely have to check this game out, although I'm sort of waiting for a Steam Sale. What? I'm self employed!

    1. Oh man, I totally know those feels, haha. Jazzpunk is a pretty short game (around 4-5 hours, I think?) so yeah, it's a good one to pick up in a Steam Sale sometime.

  2. Always love a good trench coat and hat! <3


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