07 February 2014

Nerdgasm: New RoboCop, #SochiFails, V-Day Gift Guide + More!

Wow, what a busy week! There has been all sorts of news and interesting things going on, but, I could only pick a handful for this week's Nerdgasm. From cool t-shirts to awful new reboots, get your weekly dose of geek right now.

Around the Web
I originally was going to do a Nerd Rant about the new RoboCop today, but this writer said everything I wanted to in a much more cohesive and eloquent way. I would also like to add that it's pretty low of Hollywood to use a built-in fanbase in order to sling some half-assed political message and "deep thoughts" (derp) about Uncanny Valley. /rant

The Internet has been kind to us this week and has bestowed upon us the t-shirt to rule all t-shirts: Marty McFly's outfit from Back to the Future!

This YouTube video is a great how-to for the cats in your life on how to love you, their human! Great video with Valentine's Day coming up.

The Twitter account @SochiFails is cataloguing all of the failures coming out of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics...and there are many.

Around the Blogosphere
Wanna win $100?! Then enter the Mermaidens+CoverGirl giveaway! The entry requirements are super simple and you ten entries.

Sarah over at xoSarah is starting up a really awesome ecourse and community where you can learn the tricks of the blogging trade while also getting advice from Sarah herself and others.

Mariko over at Gamerwife has a truly geeky gift guide for Valentine's Day. The list includes cute D20 dice bags, Eevee underwear, and other geeky goodies.

If you're on the fence about grabbing your own Disney Infinity figurines, this haul might just sway you. The Glim Glam has gorgeous pics of Disney characters like Anna and Elsa, Mickey, and Buzz Lightyear that all look adorable.


  1. Thanks for the shout out for my Valentine's gift guide! And that cat video is super cute. And while I'm enjoying Sochifails, it really is one of those "laugh to keep from crying" sort of situations.

  2. Just re-watched the old Robo cop and actually watched the first Judge Dredd, hahaha it was to funny.


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