10 February 2014

Edible Campaign: The Forests of Sourwyn

Edible Campaign Pathfinder Title

The party had a rough night of drinking and have found themselves hung over and mysteriously in a snowy forest landscape. Our warrior, barbarian, monk, and cleric warily (and wobbly) step further into the forest to begin their journey...

Fortunately, the barbarian remembered that the party was on the hunt for a mystical sap-like liqueur (apparently our merry band of adventurers have become alcoholics) and the location of the sap was right in this very forest.

Edible Campaign Pathfinder

After stepping a few paces forward, the party was cautiously greeted by the forest-folk who dwell there. None of us were able to speak the language of the forest dwellers, so they only looked on with curiosity before our barbarian decided to pick one up and check underneath the child-like creature. It screamed in pain and both of them skittered away. And then suddenly we were ambushed!

Edible Campaign Pathfinder 4

The tree stumps were actually mimics and they came to the rescue of the little forest dwellers! But our party easily dispatched them and continued further into the forest (but not before our barbarian checked underneath the stumps--he found dirt).

Suddenly, there was a rumbling and shriek. Uh oh, now the trees were angry...And were also mimics with tendril-like arms!

Edible Campaign Pathfinder Boss

My character was eaten by one of the angry trees, but thankfully not digested and was only paralyzed for a turn. After our monk rescued me, we were able to take care of the evil tentacled trees and discovered there was a root system underneath them with a strange sap. The mystical sap we were looking for!

Our barbarian took a sip of it but became very delirious and wasn't able to talk to the rest of the party. In that moment, the forest came alive once more and we were surrounded...

Edible Campaign Pathfinder 5

It was a long battle to safely get out of the forest, but our party managed it! We were able to bring along some of the sap which can be used as a potent poison on our weapons. Score!

This week's campaign was smaller and we had to use mostly store-bought candies, although the trees were made out of shortcake mix and powdered sugar. The stumps are actually little tree stump chocolates you can find at Asian markets and are adorably tasty!

The forest floor and dirt road were cookies n' cream and mint swirl chocolate bars. I forgot to take a picture of the friendly forest dwellers, but we had Sour Patch Kids! The tentacles in the pine tree monsters are actually sour straw candies.

Do you guys have any recommendations for the next Edible Campaign?


  1. I have have to show my boyfriend this! He is going to love you for this. It looks so fun!

    1. If you guys are into DnD (or Pathfinder), you should give it a try! Everyone who has played in my group have gotten a kick out of it. :)

  2. I love these so much, got one organised for my birthday in June.

    I found a candy battle online which looks tempting if ambitious...


    1. Link not working :(


    2. WOW, that's some amazing candy work! I would love to build a huge candy castle/dungeon one of these days for Edible Campaign but that would also probably require a bigger team.

  3. So adorable! I would be so tempted to eat the pieces though!

  4. Haha, we were doing some snacking in-between like eating the forest dwellers. Although, we've set it up where all of the enemies that somebody kills, they can eat! And then the rest of the campaign is eaten after the session is over.


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